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Joe Cross Talks Juicing Vs. Blending

The man who vowed to drink only fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days in an attempt to heal his sick, broken, overweight body shares his thoughts.

Joe Cross
December 5 2014

I Tried Mystery Juices At Brooklyn's Newest Apothecary

In their Halloween-themed piece, the New York Times paints a picture of Botica & Co. as an old-school apothecary — a completely different genre from...

Emi Boscamp
November 28 2014
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Why I'm Not Having A Vegan Thanksgiving

Where I come from, Sydney, Australia, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but since I've spent most of the last seven years in the US, I've come to...

November 18 2014

7-Eleven To Start Selling Quinoa Salad, Cold-Pressed Juices

When you think of healthy food chains, 7-Eleven — the ubiquitous convenience store known for selling limp hot dogs and Doritos Loaded — almost...

October 1 2014

Do Your Body Good With This Green Juice!

This juice is a bestseller at my cafe. It's also the workhorse of our cleanse program — full of healthy, green vegetables and packed with vitamins,...

Melvin Major, Jr.
September 29 2014
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10 Tips To Juice Like A Pro (From Someone Who's Been Doing It For 30 Years)

My name is Jimmy Rosenberg, and I'm the founder and Chief Juice Officer of Evolution Fresh. I started my first juice company in California in 1984,...

September 23 2014

I Started Running At 46. Here's How I Trained For My First 5K

The most I had ever run before embarking on my first 5K training program at age 46 was maybe a quarter of a mile … and that was probably to beat...

Debra K
September 16 2014

How To Detox Your Body (No Willpower Or Deprivation Required)

Have you been searching for ways to aid your body's natural detoxification process? Well, here are four simple tips that you can incorporate into your...

Osha Key
September 15 2014

Spicy Ginger-Pineapple Green Juice

You know when two things come together, and it’s just magic? That's ginger and pineapple. Such a beautiful marriage! This cleansing juice is equally...

Candice Kumai
August 13 2014

Wake-Me-Up Green Juice Recipe

Everyone knows about the amazing benefits of kale. But did you know that watercress is even more powerful? This green juice is packed with nutrients...

Osha Key
August 3 2014
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Are You Buying The Best Green Juice For You? Here's How To Tell

Greens. You have heard your whole life that you need more of them. We rarely go a week without being reminded that green is the magically healthy...

July 31 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Juicing Vs. Blending (Infographic)

You might be surprised to know that the juice you are drinking is actually a smoothie. Sure, you think you know the difference between juicing and...

Joe Cross
July 25 2014
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10 Habits For Your Most Vibrant Life

You know the feeling: tired, sluggish, tense, mad at yourself for whatever reason-of-the-day. We’ve all been there—maybe more often than we’d like to...

July 23 2014

Homemade Pineapple Juice With A Cinnamon Twist

Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy it than with a refreshing homemade pineapple juice?

Fiorella Reategui
July 20 2014

Stay Hydrated This Summer With This Watermelon Green Juice

This watermelon juice has loads of fresh, hydrating greens like cucumber, romaine lettuce, and celery, not to mention our superfood friend, kale!...

Andrea Hood
July 19 2014

How To Pick The Best Juicer (Infographic)

Before you select a juicer, ask yourself the following questions, and be honest!

Kris Carr
July 16 2014

10 Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of A Cleanse

Doing a cleanse can be intimidating. This list is designed to remove some of those intimidating factors, as I've had some great success with The...

Rebecca Butler
July 15 2014

Anti-Inflammatory Lemon-Turmeric Tonic

This drink is simple to make, provides an alkaline reaction in the body, and helps reduce inflammation. It's a perfect drink to add to your detox...

Sima Cohen
July 10 2014