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My Journey To A Long COVID Diagnosis & Why More People Need To Talk About It

Finally, I have a diagnosis—but what comes next?

#Invisible Illness #COVID-19 #headaches

This Gave Me Osteoporosis At 32 & Here's What I Wish People Knew

What I wish more people knew.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune #toxins at home #stress

I Was 22 & Healthy When I Got This Autoimmune Diagnosis—What I've Learned Since

I know have a tool kit that I can reach into whenever my body needs extra support.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Phoebe Lapine
April 6

It Took Dozens Of Doctors To Explain My Symptoms: This Heavy Metal Was To Blame

My healing journey wasn't quick or simple, but I'm more in tune with my body than ever.

#Invisible Illness #gut health #thyroid
Asia Rosso, R.D.
February 17

After A Life-Threatening Flare, Here's How I'm Managing My Auto-Immune Disease

When a flare landed me in the hospital for nearly two months, I was forced to put my health first.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Genail McKinley
January 27

Life-Threatening Allergies Left Me With PTSD—Here’s What Helped

You can't overestimate the importance of community.

#Invisible Illness #allergies
Amanda Orlando
December 9 2023

It Took 184 Blood Draws & 32 MRIs To Be Diagnosed With This Aggressive Disease

Here's what I've learned about living with chronic illness since.

#Invisible Illness
Ashley Curtis
November 11 2023

I'm NY’s First Nurse To Use A Wheelchair: Why Disability Care Needs To Change

I wanted to help others avoid the pain I'd gone through.

#Invisible Illness #pain
Andrea Dalzell
October 28 2023

How I Managed My Life-Threatening Health Issues After Years Of Suffering

A serious of infections compounded by PCOS wrecked my health.

#Invisible Illness #longevity
Renée Marie Joyal
September 1 2023

My Symptoms Were Dismissed For Years — It Took 11 Doctors To Get This Diagnosis

I want every woman – with or without autoimmune disease – to know what I wish I knew sooner.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Ellen Rudolph
August 26 2023

After Years Of Devastating Symptoms, Here's How I Manage My Chronic Condition

While people primarily associate my condition with seizures, it’s also about living with the fear of a seizure.

#Invisible Illness #CBD
Chelsea Leyland
August 19 2023

I Struggled To Manage My Depression & OCD For Years — Until I Found This Therapy

Though less well known than talk therapy, DBT is a modality that combines elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal systems, and...

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness #Trauma
Caitlyn Somers
August 12 2023

My Chronic Stomach Aches Turned Out To Be This Autoimmune Disease

The diagnosis brought some relief, but it took years to learn how to manage.

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Rosie White
August 5 2023

I Thought My Back Pain Was Normal — It Turned Out To Be A Serious Disease

What started with numbness below the waist evolved into chronic back pain. 

#Invisible Illness #autoimmune
Courtney Platt
July 29 2023

Doctors Dismissed My Period Pain For 12 Years — Until I Got This Diagnosis

The process has shown me how much society normalizes women's pain.

#Invisible Illness #hormones #fertility
Chelsea Leyland
July 15 2023

After Years Of Chasing Success, Burnout Forced Me To Reconsider My Goals

Years of burnout brought me to a turning point where I began my journey of personal development and self-care.

#Invisible Illness #energy
Meha Agrawal
July 1 2023

My Mental Health Condition Was Dismissed For Years—How I’m Finally Owning It

At the end of the day, I have bipolar disorder, but bipolar disorder can't have me.

#Mental fitness #Invisible Illness
Jessica Groff
June 10 2023

I Had Mental Fog, Low Energy & No Period For Years — Then I Discovered Why

They say, "You don't know what you don't know."

#Invisible Illness #eating disorders #Healthy Eating
Keely Henninger
May 28 2023

I Thought Was Just Dehydrated — But It Was A Life-Threatening Health Event

I tried everything to feel like myself again.

#Invisible Illness #Heart
Colleen Wachob
May 20 2023

An Accident Left Me With Debilitating Chronic Pain — How I Found Relief

The fact that people are out there in pain is still what drives me — everyone deserves to live a pain-free life. 

#Invisible Illness #pain
Jason Wersland, D.C.
May 13 2023