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Invisible Illness

How I Healed From PTSD & Learned To Feel At Home In My Body Again

I once thought I’d never feel at home in my body again, and every day, I’m grateful to be here. 

My Cancer Diagnosis Came Out Of Nowhere — Here's How I Coped

How shadow work helped me heal from the emotional trauma of a cancer diagnosis.

Danielle Massi
January 7

My Family Trauma Nearly Destroyed My Body — Here's How I Recovered

I was so focused on watching out for my loved ones that I never considered taking care of myself.

Serena Poon CN, CHC, CHN
December 24 2022

Doctors Couldn't Find The Source Of My Chronic Pain — This Gave Me My Life Back

While no type of therapy is a magic pill, one unexpected experience changed everything for me.

Payton Nyquvest
December 17 2022

I Had A Rare Cancer Diagnosis: Here's How I'm Embracing Life

I will never be without my lymphoma, and I will never be myself again. But I am, by all accounts, becoming a better version of myself.

Lynda Wolters
November 5 2022

I Lived With Uncomfortable Eye Symptoms For 30 Years—Then I Got This Diagnosis

Now, this Olympic track & field athlete is reclaiming her power.

Gail Devers
September 10 2022

Stress & Trauma Were Destroying My Body — Until I Got A Wake-Up Call

Further evidence of the connection between mental and physical health.

Brent Yates
August 27 2022

I Was Given Only 14 Years To Live At Birth — Now I'm 35 & Living A Normal Life

"At the end of the day, every day is an opportunity to take whatever cards we've been dealt and turn them into a winning hand, and that's how I live...

Jono James
July 30 2022