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The One Room This Feng Shui Expert Doesn't Want You Working Out In

We checked in with a feng shui expert about how our home workouts may be affecting our space.

Eliza Sullivan
4 days ago

This Is Why You Should Be Listening To Music When You Work Out

Is boosting your workout really as easy as throwing on your headphones?

Sarah Regan
January 9

These Fitness & Workout Trends Will Get You Moving In 2020

Every year, the ACSM conducts a survey to find the following year's fitness trends.

Sarah Regan
December 30 2019

Study Finds How Long You Need To Do HIIT Intervals To Make An Impact

It may be time to switch up your go-to HIIT routine.

Sarah Regan
December 17 2019

This Is How Actor Kumail Nanjiani Totally Changed His Physique

The comedian shared a photo on Instagram after undergoing a transformation for his new role.

Eliza Sullivan
December 17 2019

This Is Exactly How You Should Wash Your Face After A Workout

How should you really go about post-workout skin care?

Jamie Schneider
December 1 2019

High-Intensity Exercise Can Boost Memory By 30%, New Study Finds

A workout that can last as little as 5 minutes and can boost memory function? Sign me up.

Jamie Schneider
November 3 2019

No More Excuses: New Study Finds You Can Benefit From Exercise No Matter When You Start

If you thought you might have missed your mark when it comes to exercise, think again.

Jamie Schneider
August 30 2019