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There Are 4 Types Of Cheating In Relationships: Are You Guilty Of Any Of These?

Cheating is very subjective, but there are a few categories of behavior that may cross the line.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
August 19

This Relationship Habit Is Linked With Divorce — & It's Extremely Common

If you usually bring up issues in your relationship with the words "you always" or "you never," read this.

Kelly Gonsalves
April 21

These 6 Habits Increase Your Odds Of Divorce, From A Marriage Therapist

Research shows couples who split within six years of getting married tend to have six similar habits.

The Personality Type That's Best At Rebounding After Setbacks & Heartbreak

The research on how looking at beauty can change our own self-image for the better.

Florence Williams
February 3

How To Support A Friend Going Through A Divorce In 5 Simple Steps

Divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can go through.

Sarah Regan
December 11 2021

Everything (& We Mean Everything) To Know About Co-Parenting With A Narcissist

Narcissists do not leave relationships on good terms, which can make co-parenting a nightmare.

Stephanie Barnes
December 7 2021

Is It Really Possible To Be Friends With An Ex? We Asked Experts

Yes, it's possible to be friends with your ex—as long as you can maintain boundaries.

Kelly Gonsalves
November 23 2021