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These Are The 13 Best Crystals When You're Feeling Ungrounded, Crystal Experts Say

Sarah Regan
June 19, 2023
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
June 19, 2023
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Some crystals are well suited for helping you achieve higher states of consciousness, while others are more suited for grounding and connecting to the Earth. If the latter is what you're looking for, we rounded up the best crystals for grounding according to crystal experts, plus how to work with them.


Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a variety of tourmaline, which is a crystalline boron silicate mineral. According to Yulia Van Doren, author of Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing and founder of Goldirocks, it's actually the most abundant (and affordable) type of tourmaline, and it's filled with iron, resulting in its rich, dark color.

And as Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy previously told mindbodygreen, black tourmaline is primarily found in Brazil and China, though it can also be found in Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, and more.

Along with being protective, black tourmaline is also a crystal that will help you come back down to earth, so to speak. As Van Doren explains, it can help offset more high-energy crystals that aren't so grounding, with Leavy adding it helps to keep you present and centered.


Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is a specific variety of the crystalline mineral quartz. As Leavy explains to mindbodygreen, smoky quartz contains trace amounts of lithium and aluminum, which create this stone's telltale "smoky" appearance. This crystal is commonly found in places like Brazil, parts of Africa, Scotland, and the state of Colorado.

Like many of the other dark-colored crystals out there, smoky quartz is known to be incredibly grounding, which ripples out into a host of other benefits.

Leavy tells mindbodygreen that smoky quartz can keep you grounded if you're doing spiritual work or meditating, encourage a deeper connection to the Earth, support feelings of peace and calm, and even help you work through personal fears.


Black obsidian

Obsidian is a classic crystal for grounding, with black and mahogany varieties being particularly beneficial. Obsidian is a mineraloid made of natural glass, usually found in countries in Central America where there's a lot of volcanic activity, such as Mexico or Guatemala, Leavy explains.

She notes that obsidian can help with getting centered, feeling present, clearing energy, connecting to the earth and our own bodies, and more. It can even be used to remove unwanted energy that's making you feel ungrounded, she adds.

And if divination is up your alley, according to Leavy, there are also obsidian mirrors, which have a long use throughout history. She says that John Dee, spiritual adviser to Queen Elizabeth I in the 1500s and early 1600s, even worked with obsidian tools for divination.


Moss agate

Moss agate is a form of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline form of silica. It features green minerals within, forming patterns akin to moss, hence its nature-inspired name. This stone is primarily found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, central Europe, and parts of the western U.S. It's also often found as fragmented pieces formed by volcanic rocks.

Given its connection to the earth, moss agate is also known to be an incredible grounding stone. As crystal expert Nisonja McGary previously explained to mindbodygreen, this connection is palpable, rooting you into the earth and potentially even assisting in your gardening efforts.

According to McGary, moss agate's presence is also thought to help balance emotions. As such, Van Doren notes that anyone in need of extra emotional support and protection would benefit from this stone.



Shungite is a mineraloid that's been used for centuries, long considered a stone for healing. Northwest Russia is actually where the largest and oldest source of shungite lies, with other deposits reported in Austria, India, Kazakhstan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Author of Crystals for Healing Karen Frazier notes that shungite is extremely grounding and that it's even believed to help shield you from electromagnetic frequencies.

And according Leavy, shungite can also help you better integrate cosmic wisdom and karmic lessons, as "its high vibration helps to bring your spiritual body down into the physical plane."



Hematite is an iron-based mineral that's actually chemically the same as common rust, according to Van Doren. It's originally a rusty-red color, gets its distinctive metallic gray sheen when polished, and is found in Brazil, Canada, England, the U.S., Venezuela, and more.

"Hematite's name literally means 'blood stone,' as it comes from the Greek word for blood, haima," Van Doren previously told mindbodygreen, adding that it's long been revered by many cultures for protection.

As crystal expert Heather Askinosie notes, this stone can sometimes be seen with red streaks running through its surface and is known for connecting the body to the earth. "Roman and Native American warriors would paint themselves blood-red with powdered hematite for protection in battle," Van Doren adds.



The birthstone for January also happens to be a great crystal for grounding and connecting to the root chakra. We're talking about none other than garnet, a type of silicate mineral that comes in a variety of colors. In terms of the grounding (and birthstones), however, red is the most sought-after color of garnet.

As Askinosie previously told mindbodygreen, this stone has a rich history and can be found all over the world, from Canada to the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the U.S., and more.

In some interpretations of the Old Testament, she notes, the light beaming from garnet was used to steer Noah's Ark out of the darkness. "A lot of the ancient civilizations have used it as a stone of protection," she adds.


Red jasper

Red jasper is a variety of quartz and is in the chalcedony mineral class. Jasper can come in many colors, though red jasper, in particular, can have high levels of iron, resulting in the color red—and making it excellent for grounding. Along with being found in parts of the U.S., red jasper is also mined in Russia, India, Madagascar, Brazil, and all around Western Europe.

According to Askinosie, red jasper is aligned with the root chakra "because it helps you to get grounded and start on a very stable foundation so that you can move forward."

Historically, she adds, ancient Egyptians would carve the stone into protective amulets because they believe red jasper could ward off negative spirits, and in Native American legend, red jasper is believed to be the blood of Mother Earth.


Tiger's eye

Tiger's-eye is a variety of quartz characterized by its distinct brown and orange color, as well as its stripy pattern. As Askinosie previously told mindbodygreen, it can be found today in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the U.S., and more.

She notes that tiger's-eye helps you get centered and calm, regardless of the obstacles ahead. "Its motivating energy fills you with the power and confidence you need to pursue even the most challenging paths," she says.

And according to energy healer Kalisa Augustine, tiger's-eye is also great for protection and grounding, offering a protective field of sorts to you and your energy. "It is an allover good-luck stone," she previously explained to mindbodygreen.



Malachite is a mineral of copper carbonate hydroxide, known for its trademark green color. As Leavy explains, malachite is primarily found today in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as Russia and Namibia.

"It's an excellent stone for helping you connect with nature; that vibrant green just reminds us of lush jungles and plants and Mother Nature," Leavy says.

Malachite has long been used in amulets for protection, namely against the evil eye. As Leavy explains, the bands seen wrapping around a piece of malachite can sometimes look like eyes, adding that this may add even more significance to the use of malachite powder as eye makeup in ancient civilizations.



Onyx is mostly made of calcite (similar to limestone), and is a type of the silicate mineral chalcedony. It can be found all over the world, including parts of the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, China, Greece, India, and more.

Black onyx is the stone of strength and perseverance and endurance, according to crystal expert Satya Scainetti. "This stone can be particularly helpful for [people] who are transitioning into a new life chapter, and they can charge it with the intention to stay steady in the face of inevitable challenges and hiccups," she previously wrote for mindbodygreen.

And according to crystal expert Emma Mildon, black onyx is a great crystal for "cleansing away bad vibes and negativity, removing hurtful thoughts and behavior from your life."


Black jade

We often think of green jade when we think about this crystal, but don't forget about black jade when you need some grounding. There are two types of stones that are called black jade: nephrite and jadeite.

Also sometimes called black jadeite, this rare mineral is primarily found in Myanmar and Guatemala. Black nephrite, or nephrite jade, is the more common variety of black jade and can be found on the West Coast of the U.S.

As spiritual healer Julie Skon previously wrote for mindbodygreen, "This crystal can help you tap into your intuition and steer clear of negative people and situations," adding, "Sometimes it can be difficult to see where negativity is coming from, but black jade can help you tune in to the root source."



Last but not least, we have bloodstone, also known as "heliotrope." It's a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz that occurs as jasper or chalcedony. Bloodstone is typically a dark green color, with telltale red inclusions of hematite that look like spots of blood, making this stone very aptly named.

As Leavy previously told mindbodygreen, bloodstone has an incredibly rich history, believed to be a stone of healing, protection, divination, and more, by ancient cultures.

Bloodstone is great for working with the three lowest chakras (the root, sacral, and solar plexus) but particularly the root, as it is so grounding and stabilizing.

How to use crystals for grounding


Incorporate them into root chakra rituals.

Whether you do a chakra meditation, take a chakra bath, or any of your other favorite chakra rituals, simply incorporating any of these crystals into the ritual will help amplify the effects. The root chakra is all about our sense of groundedness and stability, and even holding some obsidian or onyx in your hand while you meditate can help you feel more rooted.

Be sure to check out our roundup of the best root chakra rituals for more inspiration.


Take them with you in nature.

Spending time in nature can be incredibly grounding, and even more so when you have your favorite earthy crystals with you, like moss agate, hematite, or red jasper. Simply stash some in your pocket when you're walking through the woods or meditating under your favorite tree.


Keep some nearby or on your person.

And of course, one of the easiest ways to incorporate crystals into a grounding practice is to have some on you or nearby when you need it. You can wear these crystals as jewelry, keep some in your pocket or purse, or place it anywhere you want to feel more grounded, such as your nightstand or work desk.


How do you use crystals energy?

You can work with crystals in a variety of ways, including meditating with them, keeping them on your person, placing them around your home, and incorporating them into any of your favorite rituals.

Where should crystals be placed in your home for the best energy?

Depending on the desired effect, place crystals anywhere you need their energy most, such as in your office, bedroom, by the front door, or in your living room.

How do I recharge my crystals?

There are a number of ways to charge crystals, including placing them in sun- or moonlight or using smoke, sound, and even your own breath.

The takeaway

When life happens, sometimes it impacts our sense of groundedness. And while we can't always avoid feeling unsettled, we can have these helpful crystals handy to help bring us back down to Earth.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.