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eharmony vs. Match: Which Top Dating App Has The Highest Success Rate?

These two dating apps focus on serious relationships. But how do they compare?

Julie Nguyen
November 29 2022

6 Signs Of Romantic Attraction + How It's Different From Sexual Attraction

Have you ever stopped to think about what it means to be romantically attracted to someone?

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
November 5 2022

Do You & Your Partner Have A Spiritual Connection? How To Tell, From A Therapist

A spiritual relationship involves one soul helping the other soul reveal itself.

Rachel Glik, Ed.D., LPC
September 8 2022

11 Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Healthier, From A Couples' Therapist

This is what a couples' therapist looks for to know if things are looking up.

I'm A Couples' Therapist & This Is The Single Most Important Love Lesson I Teach

Not enough people talk about this, and yet it's at the heart of nearly every unhealthy relationship dynamic.

I'm A Marriage Counselor: These 4 Pillars Lead To Long-Lasting Relationships

After three decades of counseling struggling couples, I've been able to identify the core components of a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Rachel Glik, Ed.D., LPC
April 24 2022

15 Small Ways To Be A Better Lover, From Sex Experts

It's about blending the emotional with the physical.

Julie Nguyen
March 22 2022

The 2 Ingredients That Make A Relationships Balanced, From A Therapist

While both are necessary to a relationship, they can feel oddly contradictory.

10 Signs You're With The Right Person At The Wrong Time

When you're faced with the possibility of love, you want to believe that you will surrender completely to the experience—but sometimes life happens.

Julie Nguyen
January 11 2022

This Is What Couples Who Never Lose The "Spark" Have In Common

A couples' therapist explains what actually keeps relationships alive long term.

Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT
January 10 2022