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Want Better Sleep? Don't Believe These 3 Sleep Myths We Just Busted

Let's debunk the three most common misconceptions about getting good sleep.

a day ago

Insomnia? It Could Be Putting Your Heart Health At Risk

A new study, published in Circulation—the journal of the American Heart Association—found a strong genetic link between insomnia and heart disease.

One In 300 People Have This Alteration In Their Sleep Cycle. Are You One Of Them?

New study published in SLEEP shows that one in 300 have an advanced sleep phase, which is characterized by alterations in melatonin production.

What Every Person With A Thyroid Condition Needs To Know About Sleep

Diagnosed with a thyroid condition? Here's what you need to know about sleep, including how your thyroid health affects your sleep quality.


Everything You've Wanted To Know About Your Melatonin Levels, Explained

Read on to learn about how melatonin can help you gain restful sleep.

July 18
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How To Start Healthier Morning Habits — Even If You're Not A Morning Person

Set yourself up for an energized and productive day.

June 26

Sleep Patterns May Help Identify Early Signs Of Alzheimer's Disease

Here's the latest research on the connection between sleep quality and Alzheimer's.

Caroline Muggia
June 18
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A Minimalist Reveals Her Low-Waste Skin & Body Care Routine

Whitney Leigh Morris reveals her skin care routine while living minimally.

June 12