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This Back Pain Therapy Is Cheap, Easy & Effective

Is technology the future of back pain relief?

Stephan Huber, M.D.
September 19 2017

4 Ways My Anxiety Disorder Has Changed My Life For The Better

Anxiety makes me live a more authentic life. And a more empathetic one. Anxiety has made me ask for help, made me vulnerable, and thereby deepened my...

September 2 2017

3 Tech-Boosted Steps To Build Mindfulness Every Day

A thoughtful use of technology can actually lead to increased mindfulness.

August 31 2017

6 Science-Backed Body Language Secrets To Make You Look & Feel More Powerful

Are you making a body language faux-pas without even realizing it? Here's how to look like you've got your sh*t together (even if you really, really...

Vanessa Van Edwards
August 12 2017

How To Use Meditation In Any Situation

There's a meditation for every situation. These meditations will help you navigate tricky moments, cultivate calmness and balance, and increase your...

Amanda Gilbert
July 27 2017

The Best Essential Oils For You + How To Use 'Em

Get on the peppermint oil train, stat.

Leigh Winters
July 27 2017

Supplements, Movements + Rituals For A Healthy Mind-Body Connection

The best health tips for your mind body connection.

Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams
July 20 2017

I Replaced Marathon Running With Yoga: Here's How It Changed My Life

Being kind to yourself should be your highest priority.

Katina Mountanos
July 11 2017

8 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Most 'Intense' Yoga Style Out There

No, you don't have to practice six days per week.

Kim Roberts
July 7 2017

Get To Know Yourself + Manifest What You Need With These 5 Essential Oils

Here are 5 essential oils that will certainly add a new element to any mindful practice.

Leigh Winters
May 17 2017

Eat This For Brighter & Tighter Skin

Find out how to eat for beautiful, glowing skin and optimal health from the inside out!

Kimberly Snyder
May 15 2017