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How To Use Gemstone Sex Toys For Self-Love & Beauty

Vanessa Cuccia
January 31, 2017
Vanessa Cuccia
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Photo by Vanessa Cuccia
January 31, 2017

You need nothing outside of yourself to awaken to the beauty and love that is forever available to you simply by having your heart.

We all hold the power within us to experience transformation—body, mind, and soul. But, as humans, we have forever enjoyed the use of tools to help. When I made the realization that I needed to change my relationship to sexuality if I was ever going to be happy, I created my own tool, Chakrubs.

Vanessa Cuccia

Reconnection to self:

Chakrubs are sex toys made from 100 percent natural crystals. It was 2010; I had just gotten out of a relationship in which I was subconsciously learning that my pleasure was secondary to my partner's. My body had been used as a sexual object repeatedly for six years ever since the loss of my virginity without my consent. I needed to undo this damage and reclaim my body, learn to love myself and honor my desires. I took a job at a sex toy shop to thrust myself into an environment where the people were knowledgeable and sex-positive. I was tempted often by the vast selection of sex toys I could buy but never made a purchase. I knew that what I needed was more than an orgasm. I needed to reconnect to myself on a deeper level.

Crystals and technology:

At this time, I was hosting a spiritual teacher in my home and we had countless conversations about crystals, energy systems, and other metaphysics. It was one night when I joined him in a meeting with other people in the New Age community when a woman showed me a crystal wand that sparked the idea for Chakrubs. Combining crystals with sexuality would be a kind of tantric technology, a way for me to create deeper intimacy with myself while acknowledging my desire for pleasure.

Vanessa Cuccia


Through research I could find no other crystal sex toy companies, or any companies in the sex toy industry that made self-love a focus. Even everyone at the sex toy shop never heard of crystal being used in this way. This is what I wanted for myself, and so I made it a reality for other people as well. Purchasing a crystal wand from any New Age store wouldn't do. I had to research about which crystals were safe, and I needed to ensure that the crystals I would use would never have been previously owned. Because crystals are formed with the earth, they can be many thousands of years old. This is why Chakrubs come from what I like to call the "mother stone," meaning they are mined and polished from a big chunk of crystal and created into a toy. Never being in the hands of anyone else.

Now after seven years, this has become more and more accepted as many people are resonating more and more to alternative energy therapies.

Here are five ways to use crystal sex toys for self-love and beauty:

1. Use arousal as a signal to remember your intentions.

Just like with any crystal, you can program your Chakrub with a specific intention. If your intention is to lovingly accept yourself, you can meditate with the crystal holding this intention in your mind. Now, every time you feel aroused and are going to have a session with the Chakrub, you are reminded of this intention and enhancing its power through sexual energy and positive thinking.

2. Massage and show gratitude.

Starting at your feet and moving all up the body, use the Chakrub as a massage tool by rolling it lightly against your muscles. Acknowledge the various parts of your body, thanking them for their service to you. Realize what a work of art you are and how intricate of a system you have to play with in this world.

3. Make a sexy crystal grid.

A crystal grid is created by placing crystals around an area and connecting them energetically using a wand. In this crystal grid, place crystals all around your bed with you sitting in the center. Have another small crystal in your less dominant hand, and hold it by your heart. Using the Chakrub, tune it to your heart, and make a line from that to a crystal in the grid. Repeat this process with all the crystals in the grid. You can then use the toy sexually and honor the immense pleasure you've created!

4. Create an altar.

An altar is a designated space to hold objects symbolizing what is important to you. Your Chakrub, a tool for self-love, can be placed on your altar along with other crystals, candles, words of affirmation, seashells, and sentimental objects. Dedicate time every day meditating at this altar to reinforce your focus on that which is most important to you.

5. Focus on pleasure!

Sexual pleasure does more than you may think for beauty. It increases blood flow to give you a natural flush in the lips and cheeks, reduces stress, and even boosts the immune system. Focusing on pleasure with your sex toy will not only have these benefits, but you will feel beautiful knowing that you are doing something good for yourself—body, mind, and soul.

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Vanessa Cuccia

Vanessa Cuccia is the creator and founder of Chakrubs, The Original Crystal Sex Toy Company. After moving to California from NY when she was 21, she developed the concept for combining tantric sex with crystal therapy to enable people's connection to themselves increasing body positivity, self-love and awareness. She has since moved back to New York and continues to develop the tools and create space for love in the sex toy industry.