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The ONE Thing The Healthiest People We Know Do To Detox In January

We asked the country's top wellness experts what was worth prioritizing.

Liz Moody
January 8 2019

Want To Avoid Getting Sick? Start Meditating

With a regular meditation practice, you'll likely catch a cold less often.

Nichole Fratangelo
January 7 2019

How To Make Cleaning A Spiritual Experience, According To One Very Tidy Monk

"In Buddhist temples there is no such thing as starting to clean after the sun has gone down."

Shoukei Matsumoto
December 29 2018

Week 1: How To Start A Powerful Quiet Time Practice — While Still Living Your Life

Read on for Faith Hunter's go-to tips for living well.

Faith Hunter
December 21 2018

A Meditation Ritual To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

You're two minutes away from mind-body wellness.

Ian Hoge, LMFT
September 10 2017

Day 13: You're Almost There! Here's How To Track Your Progress

The difference between "progress" and "success."

Light Watkins
September 9 2017

14 Mantras Wellness Leaders Swear By

revitalize 2017 attendees open up about the phrases they rely on.

Leigh Weingus
September 9 2017

Day 12: How To Measure Success

Am I a meditation master yet?

Light Watkins
September 8 2017

I Tried Hypnotherapy For My Fear Of Flying. Here's What Happened

I was hypnotized not because I thought it would work but because I was desperate.

Liz Moody
August 18 2017