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Do You Know What's Holding You Back From Transforming Your Life? Load Up These 3 Audiobooks Stat

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January 23, 2019

Successes and setbacks are inevitable and, in reality, sometimes a daily occurrence in our careers, relationships, and personal lives. Even the in-betweens have highs and lows—sometimes we're comfortable just coasting; other times we're stuck in frustrating ruts or painful cycles we can't seem to break.

One of our favorite things to do, no matter where we find ourselves on this continuum, is to take a moment to step back and soak in motivational secrets, inspiring wisdom, and a whole lot of actionable advice. Put those headphones on—these three audiobooks can help provide the tools you need to unleash your best, most authentic self. 

Brave, Not Perfect

If you've ever identified as a people-pleaser to your core or felt crushed under the weight of your own expectations, you'll want to take notes from Reshma Saujani. She's the first Indian American woman to run for U.S. Congress and the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code—the trailblazing nonprofit that's helping close the gender gap in computer science and technology. So she knows what kind of guts it takes to push through obstacles and ignore what everyone else thinks in order to reach your full potential (and, yes, flat-out fail). The practices in her book, Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, and Live Bolder, will help you disrupt self-conscious thinking patterns and give yourself permission to embrace imperfection.

You Are a Badass Every Day

If the title alone (and its subtitle: How to Keep Your Motivation Strong, Your Vibe High, and Your Quest for Transformation Unstoppable) doesn't hook you, the totally approachable and practical self-development exercises inside its pages will—except the author, Jen Sincero, calls them "loving, yet firm motivational spankings." Sincero speaks from her own transformation—from a frustrated, near broke 40-year-old to an unbridled world-traveling success coach and NYT best-selling author—and her insights are all about taking your personal and professional game to the next level, with lots of LOLs along the way.

Under Pressure

We all deal with stress and anxiety, but sometimes it's hard to delineate between stress that helps us succeed and stress that's actually toxic. And as more and more studies confirm that anxiety is skyrocketing in young women, it's urgent that we understand the effect of emotional overload and the healthy ways to cope with it. This is what psychologist Lisa Damour, Ph.D., aims to tackle in her latest book, Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls. It's a must-read, especially for mothers of girls and young women; you'll learn how to understand and support girls today. 

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