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I'm A Neuroscientist: Try These Hacks To Get Your Brain To Love Exercise

The hardest part about starting a new exercise routine is actually, well, starting.

Jason Wachob
April 1

Spice Up Leg Day With These 12 Squat Variations + The Benefits Of Each

We get it—doing squats every day can get a little monotonous.

Sarah Regan
August 7 2021

The Staple Strength Exercise That'll Fire Up Your Glutes & Core

You can make them easier or harder depending on what you need.

Sarah Regan
July 16 2021

Want To Work Your Legs & Glutes? Fire Them Up With This Single Move

Jump squats couldn't be simpler, but they're by no means "easy."

Sarah Regan
February 26 2021

Work Your Full Body In A Matter Of Minutes With This One Muscle-Pleasing Move

It's sure to work your legs, arms, core, and back.

Sarah Regan
February 20 2021