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New Study Finds Why Stress Drives An Inclination To Help Others

While too much stress can be toxic to your health, the right kind of stress can actually have some benefits.

Christina Coughlin
3 days ago

Wondering About Your Relationship? Look At How You Walk Together

It can also change the way we feel, according to a new study.

Eliza Sullivan
February 21

How Do You Talk To A Narcissist? A Psychoanalyst Breaks It Down

When engaging in conversation, you expect to be talking with a person. Unfortunately, if you're talking to a true narcissist, two-way...

This May Be The Secret To Resisting Temptation

A group of researchers revisited the classic marshmallow test, with a new twist.

Eliza Sullivan
January 18

I'm A Therapist & Here Are 6 Things People Get Wrong About Boundaries

It's not just about the things you don't want but also about what you do want.

Working In Your 30s & 40s Can Lead To A Longer Life, Study Finds

Paid work can improve the health of women, even after retirement.

Abby Moore
December 19 2019

Narcissists Can Change (And Often Do), New Research Finds

Researchers have found that we generally get less narcissistic as we age.

Eliza Sullivan
December 11 2019

You Need A Balanced Social Biome To Be Happy, Research Says

Balancing social interactions with time alone helps maintain a healthy social biome.

Abby Moore
December 10 2019