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8 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life (+ 5 Types To Avoid)

Different friends serve different purposes in our lives, and that's OK.

Kelly Gonsalves
5 days ago

12 Helpful Things To Say To A Depressed Friend, From Mental Health Experts

For those moments when you want to help but don't know what to say.

Georgina Berbari
September 24

What Is An Introverted Extrovert? 12 Signs & Tips To Thrive

Shoutout to all the extroverts who still love their alone time.

Stephanie Catahan
September 23

Why Radical Listening Is Essential To Allyship + How To Practice

Radical listening is a skill that is learned and not necessarily acquired.

Myisha T. Hill
August 9

The Really Unexpected Way Chronic Stress Can Impact Your Relationships

Stress can affect how you interact with others, but it all depends on the *type* of stress.

Sarah Regan
July 10