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Numerology Says This Type Of Person Can Be Overly Sensitive — Are You One Of Them?

And try to avoid gossiping too.

#numerology #energy #dating
Sarah Regan
3 days ago

These 2 Zodiac Signs Are Die-Hard Romantics When They Get Together

As long as one can commit and the other can be vulnerable.

#astrology #dating
Desiree Roby Antila
3 days ago

This App Is Hands Down The Best For Dating While Traveling — Here's How I Use It

I love this dating app for traveling and casual relationships.


Think Someone Has An Avoidant Attachment Style? Here's How To Tell

Plus how to work through it.

#dating #toxic relationships
Sarah Regan
May 24

I Love This Dating App So Much, I Paid For A Lifetime Subscription

Plus, my secret to getting more matches.

Jamie Sanders
May 21

Want To Connect With Your Partner? Ask These Thought-Provoking Questions

Get to know how they think with these fun and meaningful prompts.

#dating #friendship

Consider This The Golden Rule For Conflict Resolution, Experts Say

Just be sure to check your ego at the door.

#dating #marriage
Sarah Regan
May 6

8 Signs You're Insecure In Your Relationship, From Psychologists

Turns out, feeling insecure in a relationship doesn't always mean you're insecure about yourself.

#dating #marriage #single life #toxic relationships

Sometimes Every Relationship Needs A Reset — Here's How To Do It In 8 Steps

Especially if you're a sensitive person.

#dating #friendship #toxic relationships

How To Spot (& Respond To) 5 Super-Common Manipulation Tactics

Shut it down.

#dating #friendship #toxic relationships

12 Ways To Communicate Better In Relationships, From Marriage Therapists

This is *the* guide to good communication in relationships.

#dating #marriage

These Two Romantic Zodiac Signs Make The Dreamiest Duo In Love & Friendship

They surprisingly make a great couple.

#astrology #dating #marriage

Yes, "Daddy Issues" Are A Real Thing — Here Are 6 Signs You May Have Them

Daddy issues are just attachment issues. And most of us have them.

#dating #toxic relationships

16 Signs You're In Love Platonically, Not Romantically (& What That Means)

Do you have enough platonic love in your life?

#friendship #dating #single life #empowerment
Kelly Gonsalves
April 26

This Rising Sign Is Super Mysterious—Here's How To Understand Them

Because they certainly won't tell you.

#astrology #energy #dating
Sarah Regan
April 26

The Big Myth About "True Love" This Marriage Therapist Wants You To Ditch

"If I have to tell him to do it, then there's no point." If you've ever felt this way, read this.

#dating #soul mates #marriage
Kelly Gonsalves
April 25

Are You The "Chill" Friend? You Might Have This Personality Type

Plus strengths and weaknesses.

#empowerment #dating #friendship
Sarah Regan
April 25