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What Your Mercury Sign In Astrology Can Tell You About Your Communication Style

Sarah Regan
March 28, 2023
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.

You've undoubtedly heard of Mercury retrograde, but did you know everyone has a unique Mercury placement in their birth chart that can reveal how they think and communicate? Here's what Mercury is all about, plus what it means to have Mercury in each of the 12 zodiac signs.

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What is Mercury all about?

Mercury is the planet of communication, information, travel, and technology. It's the planet closest to the sun in our solar system, and as one of the "inner planets," it's thought to be a significant one in someone's birth chart. Not only does Mercury clue us in to our own mental processes (i.e., how we think, how we take in information, and even our sense of humor), but it can also tell us a lot about how we communicate.

After all, some people are chatty Kathys while others are more quiet, introspective types. Knowing your Mercury sign—but also other people's Mercury signs—can help you communicate effectively and honestly.

To find out your Mercury sign, put your birth information into your favorite astrology app or birth chart generator, and locate where Mercury was when you were born. From there, here's a breakdown of all 12 Mercury signs.

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Mercury in Aries:

Aries is known as the headstrong Ram of astrology, and if you have your Mercury in Aries, your communication style will be reflective of that fiery, self-willed attitude. As astrologer and holistic psychiatrist Kayse Budd, M.D., tells mindbodygreen, people with Mercury in Aries often have a reactive mind and communication style.

They can be impulsive in terms of their decisions and speech, being easily (and quickly) excitable—but also easily frustrated, according to Budd. These folks will have lots of ideas and be ready to act on them courageously without much second thought, she adds.

Mercury in Aries may also be "abrupt, pushy, and overly direct at times," Budd notes, adding that their words can definitely bite if they get mad. "They may actually enjoy an impassioned fight and thus can make good lawyers or politicians," she says.

Mercury in Taurus:

Much different from Mercury in Aries, those with their Mercury in Taurus are slow thinkers, preferring to take their time and ponder their decisions rather than jumping the gun. As Budd explains, they can take a while to respond or communicate in general and can also be stubborn.

Taurus is also known to be one of the more possessive signs, and when you apply that to Mercury, it can result in possessively holding on to thoughts or ideas, with a certain unwillingness to change their mind.

However, Budd notes, Taurus Mercurys are typically pleasant communicators, valuing practicality and groundedness in their conversations and interactions. And because Taurus is a characteristically money-minded sign, she adds, they may also make money using their communication skills in some way.

Mercury in Gemini:

Mercury rules over two signs: Virgo and Gemini. So if you have a Gemini Mercury, communication and taking in information are likely natural inclinations for you. As Budd explains, this Mercury sign is fast, fast, fast. They're "talkative with rapid speech and thought," according to Budd, who notes this is a strong and desirable placement to have in your birth chart.

These folks have a quick wit, make good storytellers, and are often intelligent and charming. "They can talk to almost anyone about almost anything," Budd tells mindbodygreen, noting that they have a very high verbal IQ.

And speaking of charming, she adds that Mercury in Gemini loves to schmooze, so don't be surprised if the person chatting with you on a plane or in line at a store is a Gemini Mercury.

Mercury in Cancer:

The first of the water signs, Cancer is intuitive and emotionally sensitive, and having Mercury here makes one an intuitive thinker. Paradoxical? Perhaps. But this Mercury sign simply prefers to make decisions and take in information based on their emotions.

As Budd explains, their thoughts and communication style will be heavily influenced by the emotions they feel, and they also feel a particular interest in the past and their own memories. (In fact, they actually have good memories for this reason.)

This Mercury sign is not super linear or logic-based, with a strong intuitive compass. And as Budd tells mindbodygreen, those with Mercury in Cancer also have the ability to nurture themselves and others with their thoughts and words. "Compassionate communication is a particular skill and talent, [while] emotional oversharing is a downside," she adds.

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Mercury in Leo:

When you think Mercury in Leo, think passionate expression. This placement has no problem taking the spotlight to share an amazing story, amp up excitement, or gas themselves (or others) up.

According to Budd, these folks are dramatic thinkers and communicators, passionate storytellers, and charming communicators. They may, however, have a tendency to boast or brag, she notes, as well as self-reference (aka bringing the conversation back to themselves).

This placement may be grandiose at times, but they're exuberant and playful and can also be loving, generous, and funny with their words, Budd says. She adds that these folks may have creative writing abilities, strong debate skills, acting or theater prowess, and even a competitive streak when it comes to speaking and thinking.

Mercury in Virgo:

Mercury feels right at home in Virgo, being one of the two signs it rules, along with Gemini. According to Budd, those with Mercury in Virgo are extremely analytical, organized, dutiful, and practical. You can definitely count on these folks to be punctual with both thought and communication.

As Budd explains, this is a strong placement to have but can make someone almost overly functional to the point of mental strain. They're likely to excel in analytical, rule-based systems like math and are generally intelligent.

Those with Mercury in Virgo may have a perfectionist streak, which is something to watch out for. And according to Budd, Mercury in Virgo's shadow side can be judgmental, cold, and impersonal. But overall, she says, they are "mission-driven, focused, and detail-oriented."

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Mercury in Libra:

Libra just wants to keep the peace and achieve harmony, and if your Mercury is in Libra, this will show up in how you think and communicate. As Budd explains, these people have very balanced perspective, seeing things from multiple angles—and thus, are prone to indecision.

Nevertheless, this is a placement that considers all sides of the story and prioritizes fairness. Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, so with Mercury in Libra, these people "often have beautiful communication [express] things in a lovely or pleasant way," Budd says. They may be poetic and/or have a talent for writing, for example.

They're also not ones to rock the boat—and they won't like if you do, either—as harsh or overly direct communication is uncomfortable for them, Budd explains. "Their minds are often more naturally tranquil. They are peacemakers and make excellent negotiators and diplomats," she tells mindbodygreen, adding that people often enjoy listening to those with Mercury in Libra, and they tend to do well in careers that involve communication.

Mercury in Scorpio:

Scorpio is deep, intense, and a touch mysterious, and those with Mercury in Scorpio are indeed deep and intense thinkers and communicators. As Budd tells mindbodygreen, they are often passionate, even if they don't show it. They're also drawn to help themselves and others transform on a deep level.

"They're very psychologically minded and gifted, intuitive and passionate," she says, adding that on the shadow side they may be overly fixed, obsessive, jealous, and possessive. However, they are persistent, with a very hard time stopping once they set their mind to something.

Because of their intense depth, Budd notes that these folks may be vulnerable to addictions, compulsions, obsessive thoughts, and mental health issues. "But," she adds, "their depth and natural psychological insight can also make them a good therapist or coach." They're also highly interested in the unknown and the taboo, with no problem chatting about birth, death, sex, and other "fray" topics.

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Mercury in Sagittarius:

People with Mercury in Sagittarius are positive, upbeat, cheerful, and good at manifesting, according to Budd. They're always looking to the next thing, whether it's a big philosophical question or learning more about any of their more niche interests.

As Budd explains, spirituality and philosophy are natural inclinations for this astrological placement, and they'll also be skilled at learning new languages or communicating with (or about) other cultures. They can have an "always sunny" attitude, even when things are not so sunny—which can be great for motivating others if it doesn't get into toxic positivity territory.

One thing for this placement to watch out for, Budd tells mindbodygreen, is thinking they know the truth about everything. "In reality," she explains, "there are often many truths."

Mercury in Capricorn:

Anytime Mercury is in one of the earth signs, you can predict a grounded and practical approach to thinking and communicating, and Capricorn is no exception. As Budd explains, this Mercury sign is firm, fixed, organized, and orderly in their mind and in their speech.

They have linear thought processes and are "very unlikely to change their minds once it is made, though they can take a while to come to a conclusion," Budd notes. They're also often unable to consider multiple perspectives, according to Budd, who says this makes them one of the more naturally closed-minded signs for Mercury.

People with this placement may be prone to negative, restrictive, and reductive thinking at times, and as such, Budd explains that Capricorn Mercury folks may deal with depressive thought patterns. "On the positive side," she adds, "they have strong business acumen and are highly professional in their thought and communication."

Mercury in Aquarius:

If you want a big-picture thinker, look for someone with an Aquarius Mercury. As Budd explains, they have a highly expansive mind and can change their mind easily and unpredictably. And yes, while they are big-picture thinkers, don't be surprised if they miss the smaller details.

According to Budd, Mercury in Aquarius is one of the most open-minded Mercury placements (along with Libra and Pisces Mercury), "though their perspectives tend toward the humanitarian and revolutionary." As she explains, these folks are individualists who fight for the underdog.

And given that Aquarius is known to be a quirky sign, Budd adds that with Mercury in Aquarius, these people are often unusual, particularly in how they relate to and communicate with others. "This placement denotes a way-shower. They may become cynical as society fails to live up to their high hopes for change and progress," she says, adding that in general, Aquarius Mercury folks tend to be witty or funny, usually with a cynical edge.

Mercury in Pisces:

Last but never least, we have Mercury in Pisces. These are the intuitive and vague thinkers/decision makers, with very fluid minds, according to Budd, who explains that they tend to be compassionate, spiritual, and unity-oriented.

With this Mercury placement, she says, people will pay attention to the downtrodden, homeless, animals, or anyone who may need protection. They're gentle communicators and may literally have soft and delicate (even "low volume") speech, Budd explains. And while they may come off as shy, they are often imaginative and could have writing or singing abilities.

Sometimes, however, they can have a hard time organizing thoughts or getting them out and can also be prone to fear, distortion, and paranoia, Budd tells mindbodygreen. "They may be drawn to escape reality with movies, alcohol, books, TV, food," she says, but they could also have a talent for working with the underserved, in film or TV, or as spiritual counselor.


Which signs are affected by Mercury?

Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo, so those with prominent Gemini and Virgo placements tend to be most heavily influenced by Mercury's movements.

Is your Mercury your rising sign?

No, your Mercury sign and rising sign are determined by different things and also represent different areas of life. However, it is possible for Mercury and your ascendent to be in the same sign, if Mercury falls in the first house of your birth chart.

The takeaway.

We put a lot of stock in our sun signs, but when was the last time you considered how your Mercury sign affected your thoughts and communication style? With a greater understanding of your own Mercury sign, you can take your communication to the next level.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.