Why You Should Be Double Cleansing + How To Do It

Sure, you know washing your face is important, but do you realize that your cleansers, creams and serums may not be functioning at their optimal level? Even though you remember to take your makeup off every night and exfoliate a few times a week, it's highly likely you're not preparing your skin for optimal ingredient absorption.

So, what's the best way to make sure you're doing right by your skin? Double cleansing! This practice is so simple, yet so effective. I've been doing it for years and can't imagine my skin care routine without it.


You! Start today.


As the name suggests, "double cleansing" is cleansing your skin twice.


Over the course of the day, the face on your skin will be covered in layers and layers of ... stuff. You'll start with the skin care products you apply in the morning, followed by sunscreen, makeup, etc. Then factor in pollution and general dirt and grime from throughout the day. Maybe you worked out and can top it all off with a layer of sweat.

As you can see, what's on your skin at the end of the day is not what you started with, despite of your best intentions to keep it clean. So if you're only washing your face once before bed, it's highly likely you're not getting everything off in that first round — it's just not going to cut it. Before you can truly cleanse those beautiful pores of yours and prime your skin for overnight serums, you need to get your skin really clean.

When your skin is deeply cleansed of residue sitting in your pores, whatever products you use after can penetrate the skin more easily, ultimately giving you better results. Simply using your cleanser once leaves dirt on the skin the eye can't see. This process ensures your skin gets cleaned thoroughly ever time.

Cleansing is the first and most important part of any skin care routine. Get it right and do a great job. Properly cleansed skin is happy skin.


  1. Add a few drops of your cleansing oil of choice to the palms of your hands and massage it into your face (straight on top of your makeup, on dry skin). Really give your skin a good massage to get the blood flowing and loosen all the dirt particles.
  2. Once you can see all the grime mixed in with the oil, take a cloth and gently wipe the oil off your face. You can either use a warm, damp cloth or a dry one (whatever you prefer is fine).
  3. Your face should look like a clean canvas now.
  4. Now take your regular cleanser and use it normally. Because you've taken the time to remove that top layer of dirt, your cleanser can penetrate your skin much more effectively to remove dirt, toxins and any leftover makeup or sunscreen.

While you could certainly use your regular cleanser twice in a row to "double cleanse," that seems wasteful. Instead, I'd suggest finding an oil you like to use for the first phase (my favorite is grapeseed oil, but good options are sweet almond, jojoba or apricot oil). Look for one that's lightweight, non-greasy and high in antioxidants to help combat free radical damage.

Happy cleansing!

Graphic via mbg creative

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