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I'm A Dietitian. Here's How I Stayed Healthy All Weekend

Hydration, a healthy breakfast, a sweat session: all in the Saturday of a registered dietitian!

Lindsey Toth, MS, RD
May 31 2016

Why Your Facial Oil Isn't Working + Tips To Fix It

Are you using your facial oil properly? Hint: Oil and water really do get along!

Dominique Caron
April 2 2016

How The Co-Founder of Sakara Life Gets Her Glow

Do more than drink water—eat it.

Whitney Tingle
March 9 2016

7 Ways To Harness The Transformative Power Of The Pisces Supermoon & Solar Eclipse

The 2016 Pisces new moon is especially potent, as it's both a supermoon and a solar eclipse. Eclipses bring sudden changes and reinventions, so...

The AstroTwins
March 8 2016

Oil Companies Will Stop Fracking Off The Coast Of California

Environmentalists have long argued that the fracking industry's dumping of 9 billion gallons of wastewater poses a threat to local communities and...

Emma Loewe
February 2 2016

Bad News For Seltzer Lovers

Please don't tell me I have to give up my La Croix.

Leah Vanderveldt
February 1 2016

What I Drink Every Day To Balance My Hormones

As a hormone expert, I recommend that women drink their way to health with some easy, potent beverages that can have a big impact on the endocrine...

Alisa Vitti
January 29 2016

14 Celebrities On Their Favorite Green Beauty Routines

While sitting in a makeup chair getting layers and layers of cosmetics heaped on their faces is part of the job for celebrities like Gisele, Gwyneth...

Allie White
January 29 2016

How To Actually Drink More Water Every Day (Even If You Hate It)

As a nutritionist, people constantly ask me what's the best supplement, food, or superfood they should include to achieve optimal health.

Meghan Telpner
January 26 2016

5 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Look Like You've Had The Best Sleep Of Your Life

Have you been partying like a rock star or moonlighting and burning the candle at both ends? If so, you are in good company. We have all been there....

Paige Padgett
September 15 2015

5 Natural Ways To Treat Dry Skin

Here are some ways that have truly changed my skin for the best ... forever!

Tara Mackey
September 9 2015

Can't Stand The Heat? How To Actually Stay Cool (Besides Drinking Water)

It’s easy to forget that extreme bouts of heat can have dire consequences even in healthy people, not just those who have trouble regulating body...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
August 19 2015

5 Biohacks That Improve Your Performance Without Wasting Your Time

Life can get busy. Time slips away from the best of us, and committing to new habits or practices is tough when your schedule is already full.

Dave Asprey
July 23 2015

9 Ways To Use Less Plastic (So It Doesn't Wind Up In The Ocean)

Here are a few of environmentalist Beth Terry's tried-and-true tips for cutting harmful single-use plastic products out of your routine. Beth uses 98%...

Beth Terry
July 9 2015

11 Ways You're Inadvertently Causing Inflammation

We’ve all experienced inflammation. Think of that sprained, swollen ankle, that cut finger, or that miserable head cold. Inflammation makes its...

Lori Shemek, Ph.D.
May 17 2015

8 Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids The Value Of Water

Whether you live in California where the drought is said to be the worst in 1,200 years, or Boston where the all-time snowiest winter is about to melt...

Dr. Diane Lewis
April 14 2015

7 Ways To Drink Better, Cleaner Water + More Of It

“Drink more water” is not the sexiest of wellness manifestos. For many people it falls under the category of common sense. Yet many experts site...

Phoebe Lapine
April 13 2015