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How I Healed From PTSD & Learned To Feel At Home In My Body Again

I once thought I’d never feel at home in my body again, and every day, I’m grateful to be here. 

Is Your Partner A Narcissist? Take This 5-Minute Test To Find Out

Only a medical professional can diagnose someone with narcissistic personality disorder, but if you've noticed signs and need a quick gut check, this...

Kelly Gonsalves
December 21 2022

Pulling This Sneaky Tarot Card Is A Sign Your Partner May Be Lying Or Cheating

Time to step back and analyze your situation from a different perspective.

Lauren David
December 21 2022

Ever Met Someone With A Victim Complex? 9 Warning Signs To Look For

Ever met someone who feels like nothing ever goes right for them?

Julie Nguyen
December 14 2022

Is It Normal To Be Unhappy In A Relationship Sometimes?

Every relationship goes through comfort cycles and growth cycles.

Kelly Gonsalves
December 9 2022

How To Be Less Attached To Someone, From Therapists

How to emotionally detach from someone. Because sometimes you just need to.

Julie Nguyen
December 7 2022

10 Signs Of An Unhappy Relationship — And What To Do If You're In One

If you're unhappy in your relationship but scared to leave, this one is for you.

Kelly Gonsalves
November 12 2022

9 Signs Of Emotionally Abusive Parents, From Therapists

Emotional abuse can come from anyone in our lives.

Sarah Regan
October 21 2022

How To Heal After Dating A Narcissist, From A Psychologist Who's Been There

I help people recover after narcissistic relationships—because I've been there, too.

Michelle Pearce, Ph.D.
October 12 2022

Not All Narcissists Are Arrogant: 8 Signs Of A Vulnerable Narcissist

This type of narcissist is harder to spot but can be just as toxic to be around.

Nafeesah Allen, Ph.D.
October 7 2022

The 7 Major Reasons Why People Have Affairs, From A Marriage Counselor

I've helped a lot of couples cope with affairs. These are the main reasons they happen.

Rachel Glik, Ed.D., LPC
October 6 2022