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I’m A Holistic Health Coach Who Smoked, Drank & Did Drugs: Here’s What Finally Made Me Change My Life

The night I did cocaine in a stairwell, I was a few months into my certification as a holistic health coach. I was going to help women become their...

Caitlin Padgett
September 29 2017

This Is The Future Of Addiction Recovery (According To Science)

Addiction fundamentally changes the brain, making treatment incredibly difficult and relapse more likely. But there's hope for the 21.5 million...

Beau Mann
August 30 2017

My Best Day Ever Wouldn't Have Happened If I Hadn't Stopped Drinking

Taking a break saved my life. You cannot compare the life you have with the life you COULD have—or even notice the difference—if you don't give...

Andy Ramage
August 17 2017

Is Alcohol Dulling Your Experiences?

Meditation guru Biet Simkin gets real about how alcohol dulls your senses—all of them.

March 22 2017

What It's Like To Have A Sober Social Life (Hint: It Doesn't Actually Suck)

It can be quite a shock to start learning to connect with people without the social lubricant of alcohol. But it's totally worth the effort.

March 18 2017

What's Really Driving People To Try The Sobriety Trend?

It really has to do with the question, "Do I have a vision for my life?"

March 15 2017

I Was A High-Functioning Alcoholic. Here's What No One Tells You About Giving Up Booze

I had spent so many years neglecting my emotional, spiritual and physical health that once alcohol was out of the picture, I was left with a mess of...

Katherine Arati Maas
November 1 2015

I Was A High-Functioning Alcoholic & AA Saved My Life

This week we ran a feature about how some women with drinking problems are turning to moderation, not sobriety. The piece generated a lot of...

CJ Allen
September 18 2015

9 Signs Of A High-Functioning Alcoholic

While alcoholism is a devastating disease that can destroy lives, some people who struggle with it manage to hold down stressful jobs and big...

Dr. David A. Greuner
April 22 2015

I Went To A 7AM Sober Dance Party & Loved It

True story — earlier last month, I attended a dance party. On a boat. At 7am on a weekday. And I danced my ass off.

Andrea Rice
September 12 2014

4 Life Lessons I Learned From My Alcoholic Father

I grew up with an alcoholic father, and when I say alcoholic, he wasn't the beer-drinking, slurring kind — he was the obligatory-police-visits,...

Rachel Finn
June 20 2014

How A Traumatic Event Helped Me Overcome Food Addiction

Three years ago, I reached a major turning point in my weight journey. I sat by my dad’s hospital bed almost certain he would die. He is an alcoholic...

Brynn Johnson
February 17 2014

7 Tips To Go Easy On Booze During The Holidays

If you struggle to moderate your alcohol consumption and drinking has become less about fun, and more about regrets and feeling ill, then read on.

Lucy Rocca
November 5 2013

Pssst ... Is It Time To Take A Break From Booze?

Drinking one or two alcoholic beverages leaves me feeling not only ravenous but less-than-my-best days later. From work obligations to working-out,...

Eileen Fedyna
October 9 2013

Why Anyone Can Become An Addict

These days most of us are willing to believe that drug addiction—including alcoholism—is a disease. Still, we harbor a sneaking suspicion that it’s...

Dr. David J. Linden
June 27 2013

I Quit Drinking And Found The Meaning Of Life

I had an epiphany last night. I was driving home through a rough area of town where shady backstreets and seedy bars present the face of life’s dark...

Lucy Rocca
April 14 2013

Why I Don't Drink Alcohol & How To Cut Back On Booze Without Being A Hermit

Do you find at the end of a stressful day the first thing that you want to do is reach for a cold beer in the fridge or pop open that bottle of wine...

Tom Cronin
March 2 2013

I Gave Up Alcohol And Found Love

I can divide my adult life into four segments based on my experiences of love: (1) pre-marriage, when I flitted between relationships searching for...

Lucy Rocca
February 14 2013