Amber Shumake

Amber Shumake calls Karmany Yoga, a donation-based studio in Fort Worth, Texas, “home.” Yoga continues to save her from daily, so she shares the practice far and wide. A born writer, she empowers others to revise the life stories that no longer serve them. A trained counselor, she unites yoga and therapy, wiping away sweat and tears, connecting people to their inner wisdom---one arm balance and inversion at a time. Gallivanting throughout the metroplex in her Jeep, she prefers to drive topless as she rocks out to newly released spiritual podcasts and the latest audio books. Trading one compulsive addiction for another, she currently prefers backbends to drugs, tea to coffee, and Instagram to Facebook. She dreams {in no particular order} of marrying her partner, growing a family to play with her Blue “Healer,” writing a book, and changing the world.

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