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What Your Sex Dreams Are Really Trying To Tell You—In Case You're Curious

They're often not about sex at all.

#orgasm #energy
Sarah Regan
March 29

Women Say This Tiny Sex Toy Is The Best Money They've Ever Spent (Yup, It's That Good)

Whether you use it with a partner or for solo play, it gets the job done.


How Women Over 50 Are Bringing Excitement (& Orgasms) Back Into Their Sex Life

Bring the excitement back into the bedroom at any age.

Carleigh Ferrante
February 21

Experts Say This One Thing Makes Sex Way Better & I Can Attest

The simplest upgrade for your sex life.

Carleigh Ferrante
February 10

How Women Over 50 Are Achieving Pleasure Faster Than Ever

It's an important aspect of your well-being.

Carleigh Ferrante
January 20

Struggling With Sex After 50? Expert Tips To Build Intimacy At Any Age

Because a fulfilling sex life is possible at any age.

#orgasm #confidence #Journey
Juliana Hauser, PhD
January 16

This Sleek Toy Brings Mind-Blowing Orgasms Without Fail

A toy so good, reviewers can't go without it.

Carleigh Ferrante
January 12