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This Common Oral Sex Move Is Probably Making It Harder For Her To Orgasm

Try as you might, you just can't seem to get them there.

Sarah Regan
December 6 2020

The Biggest Mistake People Make During Oral Sex, According To A Sex Coach

The simplest way to make sure you're giving good head.

Sarah Regan
December 1 2020

How To Practice Erotic Hypnosis — The Orgasmic Experience For The Mind

Erotic hypnosis is an orgasmic experience for the mind.

Alex Shea
November 21 2020

29 Unique Oral Sex Techniques That Actually Make Woman Orgasm

We're sure one of these will help you do the trick.

Sarah Regan
November 19 2020

What Your Sexual Fantasy May Be, Based On Your Enneagram Type

Here's what each type may secretly want in bed.

Julie Nguyen
November 14 2020

Cramps After Sex? You Might Have "Bruised" Your Cervix

Luckily, it's usually not a cause for concern.

Sarah Regan
October 19 2020

What's The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex? We Asked The Experts

When it comes to sex, are you an early bird or a night owl?

Sarah Regan
October 4 2020

How Long Does Sex Last For Most People? (It's Shorter Than You Think)

Here's the exact number of minutes people spend having sex.

Kelly Gonsalves
October 1 2020