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I'm A Sexologist & These Are My Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Sex Life Sizzling

Laughter is an aphrodisiac.

#orgasm #dating #marriage
Shauna Harris
September 16

Want Hotter, More Confident Sex? Here's One Simple Way To Get In The Mood

There's growing research that CBD from hemp can potentially bring another new dimension to one's intimate life.

#CBD #libido #orgasm
Julie Nguyen
April 24

150 Sexy Questions To Ask Your Partner, From Flirty To Dirty

"What’s the naughtiest thing you've ever done?"

#libido #orgasm #dating

There's A Sexy Secret For Youthful Skin, Study Finds

Does more sex mean fewer wrinkles?

#skin care #healthy aging #orgasm
Hannah Frye
February 14

Do You Know Your Partner's Dirtiest Fantasies? Take This Quiz Together To See

Warning: Things might get steamy.

#libido #dating #marriage #orgasm
Kelly Gonsalves
January 3

7 Things We Learned About Sex & Desire In 2023 That We're Still Thinking About

"There's a bridge between where your head is at the moment and where it could be—you just have to build it."

#libido #orgasm #marriage #dating
Kelly Gonsalves
December 28 2022

These Are The Best Mattresses To Have Sex On, According To Experts

Yes, your mattress can affect how good sex feels.

#sleep #libido #orgasm #marriage
Gabrielle Kassel
October 31 2022

Women Do This All The Time During Sex, But It's A Sign Of Relationship Trouble

Women do this in bed all the time, but in relationships, it's actually a huge red flag.

#orgasm #dating #marriage
Aliyah Moore, Ph.D.
October 20 2022

Want To Recharge Your Sex Life? These 6 Online Programs Can Help

You can see a sex therapist virtually from the comfort of your couch.

#libido #orgasm
Gabrielle Kassel
September 30 2022

A Beginner's Guide To The Kama Sutra, From Indian Sexuality Experts

First things first: It's not all about sex positions.

#tantra #orgasm
Kelly Gonsalves
September 22 2022

Never Experienced A G-Spot Orgasm? These 9 Sex Toys Will Change That

These elegant vibrators were designed to hit your G-spot *just* right.

Kesiena Boom, M.S.
July 28 2022

If Your Sex Life Is Lackluster, This Nutrient Could Spice Things Up

Prepare to squash stress in the bedroom.

#orgasm #dating #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
July 2 2022

This Underrated Sex Accessory Is The Key To Increased Arousal & More Sensation

Every couple could use this on their bedside table, TBH.

#orgasm #body positivity
Farrah Daniel
June 28 2022

Orgasms Are Great, But Masturbation Also Comes With These 5 Health Benefits

We're finally starting to see masturbation for what it really is: a wellness practice.

#partner #orgasm
Devon Barrow
June 15 2022

This Is The Secret To Deeper, More Intense Orgasms For Men

Ever heard of the "male G-spot"?

#orgasm #body positivity
Gabrielle Kassel
May 30 2022

PSA: You Can Save Up To 85% On Sex Toys In These Memorial Day Sales

Stop watching fireworks and start making them.

#libido #orgasm
Braelyn Wood
May 27 2022

This Easy Sex Position Allows For Super-Deep Penetration (Read: Intense Orgasms)

Low effort, high reward.

#orgasm #libido #mbgsupplements
Kesiena Boom, M.S.
May 18 2022

Women Claim This Viral Sex Toy Brings Them Record-Speed Orgasms

It's been described as a "soul snatcher" and "orgasm stealer."

#orgasm #technology #empowerment
Farrah Daniel
May 12 2022