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What The Biohacking Conversation Is Missing, From A Longevity-Focused MD

Why we need to blend the science of longevity with the art of spirituality.

#longevity #Purpose #Trauma #Journey
Kien Vuu, MD
November 5

Students Are Calling This Health Certification "Transformational" In Every Way

"This has been a beautiful and deeply transformative experience."

#health coaching #Purpose #Journey
Emma Loewe
September 27

8 Lessons On Living A Remarkable Life — That I've Learned From The Dying

"Have a conversation with yourself about death every day—even if you're young."

#death #Purpose #Journey #brain
Kendal Maxwell, Ph.D.
September 19

5 Ways To Actually Add Meaning To Your Life, From An Existential Psychotherapist

Meaning isn't something we find—it's something we create.

#Journey #Purpose
Sara Kuburic, PhD
September 18

How To Make More Right Decisions, From A Harvard Psychologist

Too often, we're so worried about getting it right that we get it wrong.

#friendship #Journey
Ellen Langer, PhD
September 5

I'm A Neuroscientist: What Childhood Trauma Actually Does To Your Brain

Here's what I recommend to my patients who experienced it.

#brain #Journey

3 Things Retirement Coaches Want You To Think About (No Matter Your Age)

It's never too early to plan your second act.

#friendship #Purpose #Journey #journaling
Emma Loewe
August 1

Do This To Live 8 Years Longer — And Feel Happier In The Process

It's time to hop off the hedonic treadmill.

#Purpose #Journey #joy

Feeling Lost In Life? 14 Ways To Start Finding Yourself Again, From Experts

It's never too late to figure out what you really want from life.

#Journey #joy #Purpose

How A Psychologist Helps People Accept The Worst Things That Happen To Them

What does it mean to truly accept the past?

#breakup #forgiveness #Journey

Three Years Of COVID: A Psychologist's 12 Questions To Reflect & Look Forward

We've lived through 3 years of COVID now. Yet, many of us have yet to slow down and truly process how it has affected us.

#COVID-19 #death #grief #Journey

This Quiz Will Tell You If You're *Really* A Highly Sensitive Person

Plus what it actually means to begin with.

#empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
February 23

This Ancient Personality System Sheds Light On Your Deepest Fears & Desires

Plus what you can actually learn from your "wing."

#empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
February 1

If You Keep Noticing This Spiritual Sign, It Can Mean You're Lying To Yourself

It encourages you to seek the truth.

#energy #empowerment #Journey
Sarah Regan
February 1

5 Ways To Set (And Actually Achieve) Your Intentions, From Psych Experts

First, you need to understand the difference between goals and intentions.

#journaling #Journey #Purpose
Alex Shea
December 29 2022

The Difference Between Self-Care & Self-Love (And Which One's More Valuable)

No, they're not quite the same thing.

#Purpose #Journey
Humble The Poet
December 28 2022