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I'm A Therapist & Here Are 6 Things People Get Wrong About Boundaries

It's not just about the things you don't want but also about what you do want.

These Fitness & Workout Trends Will Get You Moving In 2020

Every year, the ACSM conducts a survey to find the following year's fitness trends.

Sarah Regan
December 30 2019

Study Finds How Long You Need To Do HIIT Intervals To Make An Impact

It may be time to switch up your go-to HIIT routine.

Sarah Regan
December 17 2019
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How To Find What Bedtime Works Best For You

Learn how to figure out your ideal bedtime window.

Krista Soriano
November 27 2019

Having An Active Job Isn't Necessarily The Healthiest, Study Finds

You'd think having an active job would be good for your health, right?

Sarah Regan
November 15 2019

This Is How Much Exercise You Need To Offset Seasonal Depression

A new study shows you can lower your odds of getting hit with a depressive episode.

Georgina Berbari
November 5 2019