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How To Clear Negative Energy From Your Workspace For A Fresh Start

Time to give your desk a thorough cleaning—both literally and energetically.

Sarah Regan
January 5

There's A Cold Moon Coming Our Way: Here's What Makes It Special

If there was ever a time to dip into a little full moon magic, it's now.

Sarah Regan
December 28 2020

I'm A Feng Shui Master & This Is How I'm Prepping My Home For An Abundant 2021

After the 2020 we've had, starting the new year with a clean slate feels even more meaningful.

Dana Claudat
December 21 2020

"Emotional Acupuncture" Can Help Ease Holiday Stress — Here's A 5-Minute Routine

This underrated technique is free, easy to do, and accessible any time you need.

Marianna Giokas, MPP
December 15 2020

Tonight's 3rd Quarter Moon Is The Moment To Start Wrapping Up 2020

We can work with the moon's energy no matter what phase it's in.

Sarah Regan
December 7 2020

How To Ring In This Weekend's Full Moon (Which Also Happens To Be An Eclipse)

Here's what the full Beaver Moon (and its eclipse) is all about.

Sarah Regan
November 28 2020

Are You Tired All Of The Time? This Could Be Why & What To Do

For the perennially exhausted, searching for answers to "Why am I so worn out?" practically becomes a full-time job.

Alexandra Engler
November 3 2020

What To Wear Based On The Color Of Your Aura, From An Intuitive Stylist

Plus, when to wear certain colors depending on what you want.

Sarah Regan
November 3 2020