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3 Well-Being Habits That Can Improve Your Skin & (Bonus!) Bring You Joy

Everything is skin care.

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Alexandra Engler
4 days ago

This Facialist To The Stars Shares Her 3 Best Skin Care Tips

If you've seen a celebrity walk the red carpet, you've seen the work of esthetician Joanna Czech.

#clean beauty school #healthy aging #skin care

3 Beauty-Editor-Approved Tips For Firmer Skin & More Collagen

Today's Clean Beauty School episode is a can't-miss because I'm answering listener questions with my guest cohost Jamie Schneider.

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What A Holistic Esthetician Eats For Younger, Healthier Skin

How Kristina Holey approaches skin care through nutrition.

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The Beauty Tool No One Is Talking About & Why It's So Important

We often overlook one of beauty's most important functions: a tool for self-care and compassion.

#clean beauty school

This Common Habit Is Killing Your Lashes, Says A Pro

Who doesn't want long, healthy lashes?

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Hannah Frye
May 6

This One Thing Is Crucial For Skin Care Efficacy & No One Talks About It

We need to start talking about delivery methods.

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What's Next In Sustainable & Clean Beauty? 3 Top Takeaways From An Expert

Here's what's on the horizon for clean, sustainable beauty.

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Alexandra Engler
April 25

The Invisible Secret To Younger-Looking, Healthy Skin

"We live in a microbial world. It's just been invisible to us."

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Alexandra Engler
April 18

What Is Mindful Fragrance? How The Power Of Scent Can Feel Like Therapy

Fragrance is one of my favorite beauty topics to discuss: It's the perfect mix of art, science, and personality. Here, we discuss all that.

#clean beauty school #skin care
Alexandra Engler
April 11

5 Ayurvedic Oils This Expert Loves For Younger-Looking Skin

Be sure to tune in to the episode to learn more.

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PSA: Skin Inflammation Has Become A Public Health Crisis

"When you have inflamed skin, your body doesn't feel good."

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Alexandra Engler
March 28

3 Things Your Skin Is Craving — According To An Esthetician

Recently I was chatting with holistic esthetician Lesley Thornton, founder of KLUR, for the most recent episode of Clean Beauty School. Here are her...

#skin care #healthy aging #clean beauty school
Alexandra Engler
March 21

3 Huge Lash Mistakes This Specialist Sees All The Time

Hair growth becomes even more complicated when you start to get to hyper-localized areas of hair growth, such as the lashes. Here, what to know.

#clean beauty school #makeup #skin care #hair
Alexandra Engler
March 14

I'm An Intuitive Aura Reader & Here's What To Know About Color Palette Filters

So, what does an aura reader—who specializes in working with color for her clients—have to say about color palette filters?

#clean beauty school #aura #makeup

You Should Know These 3 Things Before Considering Laser Hair Removal

To some, laser hair removal may seem unnecessary. But for others, it is a complete game changer in helping folks feel better in their skin. What to...

#skin care #hair #clean beauty school
Alexandra Engler
February 28

3 Healthy Aging Tips From A Top Dermatologist Who's Seen It all

Tune in for more healthy aging tips!

#clean beauty school #healthy aging #skin care
Alexandra Engler
February 21

Tips For Healthy Skin Aging, From A Regenerative Dermatologist

Some of the most exciting areas of innovation in beauty are through regenerative dermatology and skin care. Here, some tips.

#skin care #healthy aging #clean beauty school
Alexandra Engler
February 14

How Dr. Barbara Sturm Manages Inflammation In The Skin

Chronic and heightened inflammation in the skin is the root cause of many of the complexion concerns folks experience. Here, 3 tips for managing it.

#skin care #inflammation #healthy aging #clean beauty school
Alexandra Engler
February 7

3 Skin Care Secrets From Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chat with Sandra Chiu, L.A., MSTCM, about how she cares for her own skin care habits.

#skin care #Traditional Chinese Medicine #Acupuncture #clean beauty school #healthy aging
Alexandra Engler
January 31