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Synthetic vs. Natural Fragrance: The Hot Button Issue, Explained

Readers, welcome to the world of "clean fragrance." By all accounts, it's a confusing one.

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How Often You Should Heat Style Per Week, According To This Derm

Heat styling—be it in the form of curling wands, flat irons, blow dryers, or the like—can do a number on hair.

The One Hair & Scalp Oil This Dermatologist Recommends To Everyone

As far as natural beauty goes, finding your favorite oil is like finding the one—a good natural, multitasking oil that works for your unique needs? A...

Having A Bad Skin Day? Try This Holistic Esthetician's No. 1 Tip

This tip has nothing to do with products, quick fixes, or treatments—it all has to do with your perspective.

3 Things To Look For To Make Sure Your Beauty Product Is Working

Ingredient lists can still hide many truths about the product and its efficacy—if you know how to read between the lines.