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What This Supermodel Eats In A Day & Her Go-To Post-Workout Smoothie

Supermodel, mom-to-be, content creator, and entrepreneur Emily DiDonato dishes on what she eats daily—including her go-to smoothie.

Alexandra Engler
October 8

3 Beauty Must-Haves This Supermodel Can't Go A Day Without

For supermodel Emily DiDonato, staying in the beauty loop is just part of her job.

Alexandra Engler
October 4

The Beauty Of Connection: Why People Love Bonding Over Beauty Tips

Beauty helps us connect—both with ourselves and others. In this episode of Clean Beauty School, we talk about beauty and relationships.

Alexandra Engler
September 20

3 Very Easy Beauty Swaps That Make Your Routine More Planet Friendly

The current climate crisis is something that has certainly been on many of our minds lately.

Alexandra Engler
August 30

I'm A Regulatory Legal Expert & This How You Can Be A Conscious Beauty Shopper

When we talk about clean beauty, we are essentially talking about regulation—or the considerable lack thereof.

Alexandra Engler
August 23

I'm A Healer & Here's My Go-To Weekly Ritual For Ultimate Self-Care

Bathtubs, especially the soaking kind, aren't a given in many homes or apartments. Might we interest you in a foot soak instead?

Alexandra Engler
August 6