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Meditation vs. Breathwork: New Study Finds One Is Better For Beating Stress

This breathing pattern was found to be most effective in a head-to-head study.

Jenny Fant
January 18

My Cancer Diagnosis Came Out Of Nowhere — Here's How I Coped

How shadow work helped me heal from the emotional trauma of a cancer diagnosis.

Danielle Massi
January 7

This Common "Calming" Technique Could Actually Be Stressing You Out More

Neuroscientist and Stanford professor Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., likes to do this instead.

Sarah Regan
August 28 2022

How To Slip Into A Deep Meditation Every Night Using "Conscious Sleep"

This Eastern approach to sleep can dramatically expand our awareness.

Julia Guerra
June 2 2022

Boost Your Coordination & Speed With This 8-Minute Agility Routine

We're bringing you a fun ladder workout designed to stretch your endurance and amplify your agility

Devon Barrow
May 24 2022