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A (Tasty!) Heart-Opening Practice To Elevate Your Breakfast Routine

Cacao has a long-standing history of opening the heart and boosting mood.

Sarah Regan
January 14

Dropping Into Meditation Can Be Hard: Here Are 5 Tried-And-True Tips

It's no secret dropping into meditation can be challenging.

Sarah Regan
January 13

A Lung Doctor & A Breathwork Teacher Demystify The Box Breath

Pro tip: The sharp angles of this one may take some getting used to.

Emma Loewe
December 9 2020

Put Down The Mouthwash: Here's What An MD Recommends For Bad Breath

Put down the oral rinse: Here's what an MD recommends for feeling clean.

Jamie Schneider
October 24 2020

5 Practices To Integrate Into Your Day For An Instant Routine Refresh

Use the new season as a launchpad for new practices and intentions.

Eliza Sullivan
September 7 2020

Yes, You Can Breathe Your Way To Better Sleep: This Expert Explains How

According to James Nestor, restful sleep starts with your breath.

Jason Wachob
August 26 2020