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Keep Seeing Angel Number 888? Here's What It Means + What To Do About It

Sarah Regan
March 8, 2023
Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
March 8, 2023
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From 111 to 999, certain number sequences are thought to have particular meanings, acting as messages from our guides and the universe. In the case of angel number 888, if you keep seeing this number, you'll want to take note. Here's what it means, according to experts, plus what to do when you see it.

What are angel numbers?

As a refresher, angel numbers are sequences of repeating numbers, often seen in sets of three or four (i.e., 222 or 2222), though they can also show up as split numbers (i.e., 3433 or 717). As professional intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson previously explained to mindbodygreen, "Angel numbers are a synchronicity, or a meaningful coincidence—divine guidance from angels and the universe."

The meanings of different digits vary and often relate to how big or small the number is. The number 1 (aka the first single digit), for example, typically indicates a beginning, while the number 9 (the last single digit) often relates to endings or finalities.

The key to understanding angel numbers is to get clear on what was happening—or what you were thinking about—when you noticed them. As Richardson notes, you might notice the clock at 1:11 as you were thinking about expanding your business, for instance, which would be a positive sign to move forward with the idea and embrace new beginnings.

What does 8 represent in numerology?

The keyword when you think about the number 8 is abundance. And according to both Richardson and professional medium Megan Michaela Firester (aka Mystic Michaela), when you see 888 (or even 8888), you can consider it a lucky sign.

Firester notes that 8 represents that energy is limitless and that "the forces of the universe are always flowing through and around you," adding that it also serves as a reminder that "the forces you open yourself up to with mindful attention will envelop you in their flow."

Angel number 888 meaning:


Abundance is heading your way.

As Richardson previously wrote for mindbodygreen, eight is the angel number of abundance, so you might see 888 "on a check you receive for services performed to let you know that there is the possibility of good financial abundance with this particular client, company, or simply the type of work you are currently doing."

This number is reminding you that your angels can help you bring more abundance into an area of our life, she adds, whether it be romance, your career, or your health. "Unfortunately angels cannot magically change all the circumstances affecting your life, but they always try to help," she notes.

What to do about it:

According to Richardson, the sequence 888 is a signal to "stay open to abundance in whatever form it appears, not just the forms we expect or have become attached to." This number also represents power, so it can be a gentle nudge from the angels about using your own co-creative power on the planet, Richardson adds.

"If you possess an abundance of anything—love, time, money—spread it around, and that same abundance will boomerang back to you," she suggests.


Open yourself up to abundance.

Abundance is all around us but only when we're open to it. As Firester tells mindbodygreen, angel number 888 can alert you to amazing abundance flowing your way, asking you to be ready. "Your angels are signaling to you to remember that infinite abundance is always available to you, and raising your vibration, as well as your expectations, can assist you in receiving it," she explains.

What to do about it:

According to Firester, when you see angel number 888, meditate on what in your life right now could use some development. "Your angels would like you to reflect on where you could use some of the universe's flow to move through you to heighten your life experience," she says, adding that writing down an intention and stating it loud under the stars on the next new moon can focus this energy your way. 


Release your fears.

Lastly, Firester notes that seeing multiple 8s is a sign that you are being applauded by your angels. "You are being told to look around in gratitude and pride for all you've accomplished and how far you've come," she says.

What to do about it:

The simple direction here is to simply receive the applause, and further, to let go of any subconscious blocks that are holding you back. Your angels are "asking you to list fears and release them, making room for more good grace to enter your reality," Firester tells mindbodygreen.

888 meaning for love.

If you're single...

If you're single and thinking about your dating life as you see 888, Firester notes that it's a strong signal that you're preparing to welcome more abundance into your love life and that dating opportunities could be coming your way.

What to do about it:

According to Firester, if dating is something you have been focusing on, "your angels are asking you to be ready to receive love in all forms in your life." She adds that when you feel the love of the universe for yourself, "it's easier to receive love in the form of a partner via divine assistance."

If you're in a relationship...

If you're in a relationship and see angel number 888 when you're with your partner or thinking about them, Firester says 888 is letting you know you've accomplished an amazing thing: receiving love. And that's beautiful! 

What to do about it:

All there is to do in this case is feel that love and be grateful for it. As Firester tells mindbodygreen, your angels are asking you to "feel the gratitude for the love you share with the partner you have, and see where you can grow in this energy together."

888 twin flame meaning.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of twin flames, the idea is that one soul can be split into two bodies, resulting in two people having a deep soul connection. Twin flame relationships aren't known for being easy, as they're strongly associated with accelerated spiritual awakenings and intense growth—but they can also facilitate major healing in both people's lives.

In the case of angel number 888, seeing it in a context around your twin flame is a strong message to let the universe take the wheel. As Firester puts it, "Let go of control in any space where it's not your jurisdiction. Taking control over your own lessons, feelings, and choices is what your angels are asking you to do."

She adds that twin flame forces can be strong so can sometimes close you off from your own spiritual progression. In this case, "this is a strong sign from your angels to lean on the universe and its grand plan for you," Firester notes.


What does 888 mean for twin flames?

For twin flames, angel number 888 asks you to surrender to the universe, release the need to control or force a situation, and not to forget your own spiritual path.

What does 888 mean for soulmates?

Angel number 888 is a positive and abundant sign for soulmates, signaling that your relationship is fulfilling and full of love—so celebrate it!

What do I do when I see 888?

Angel number 888 is all about abundance, so if you're feeling abundant, revel in that. If you're not feeling particularly abundant, the universe is offering you a nudge of support to adjust what's not working to welcome more abundance in, or even signaling you to what could bring you abundance.

The takeaway.

Of all the angel numbers, 888 is the one that will appear to let you know when an abundant opportunity is in front of you or to simply remind you of the abundance that already exists within and around you.

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Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Editor

Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Editor, a registered yoga instructor, and an avid astrologer and tarot reader. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from State University of New York at Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.