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3 Skin Care Secrets From Traditional Chinese Medicine

In this episode of Clean Beauty School, I chat with Sandra Chiu, L.A., MSTCM, about how she cares for her own skin care habits.

Alexandra Engler
4 days ago

These Masks Promise Brighter Skin & A Collagen Boost — So What's The Deal?

Here, you'll learn all about the benefits of LED light therapy masks, how to pick one that will work for you, and the absolute best masks to pick...

Alexandra Engler
5 days ago

3 Little Ways To Keep Skin Plump & Restore Collagen

"Plumpness" and "firmness" may seem like competing skin care goals, but in reality they're just two sides of the same skin care coin.

Alexandra Engler
January 20

How To Find A Light Therapy Device, From A Top Derm

"The pursuit of beauty is actually very, very functional," says board-certified dermatologist Ellen Marmur, M.D.

Alexandra Engler
January 17

Have Soft + Bendy Nails? Here's Why & How To Strengthen Them

Don't worry—paper thin tips are more common than you might think.

Hannah Frye
January 15