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It's Betty White's 98th Birthday: Here Are 3 Secrets To Her Longevity

She's an incredible example of the value of passion and purpose for a healthy life.

Eliza Sullivan
19 hours ago

How Oprah Feels About Getting Older: "Life Only Gets Better"

Her new tour plans to focus on health and wellness with the goal of making 2020 "the year of transformation and triumph."

Christina Coughlin
3 days ago

Is An Apple Cider Vinegar Bath Right For You? 6 Reasons To Try

It seems like (almost) all of life's problems can be solved with apple cider vinegar.

This Exercise May Boost Memory & Brain Health, Says The Mayo Clinic

They've given us another reason to hit the gym (and, more specifically, the treadmill) this January.

Eliza Sullivan
January 3

The One Food A Neurologist Wants You To Eat (That You May Not Know)

Broccoli sprouts are the power-packed veggie to add to your New Year's diet.

Eliza Sullivan
January 2

Over 40 & Low Energy? You Might Be Overlooking This Key Cause

If you think feeling tired and rundown as you get older is something you just have to live with, think again.

Shawn Radcliffe
December 27 2019