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The Strange Reason People Get More Pessimistic With Age + How To Combat It

It's not exactly what you think, and there is a way to combat the so-called negativity.

Jamie Schneider
a day ago

The Derm-Approved Way You Should Use Retinoids If You Have Sensitive Skin

Yes, you can use retinol on sensitive skin—as long as you're doing it right.

Jamie Schneider
5 days ago

This May Be Exactly What Your Hand-Washing Routine Is Missing

Hand-washing is likely on the list of things you started doing a lot more of in 2020.

Alexandra Engler
January 3

Reach Any Skin Care Goal In 2021 With The Help Of This Supplement

I'm sure many of us want to start 2021 off right, skin care included.

Alexandra Engler
December 21 2020

A Complete Guide To Neck Acne: Causes, Prevention & Treatments

Guess what? You can get a zit anywhere on your body that has a pore. (Fun!)

Alexandra Engler
December 17 2020