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Ease Your Aches & Pains With These At-Home Neck Stretchers

For when you're short on time and can't get to the chiropractor.

Josey Murray
October 29 2022

A 2-Minute Stretch To Release The Nasty Neck & Shoulder Tension You're Storing

Many of us experience neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, and tension headaches.

Sarah Regan
October 29 2020

3 Ways To Use Magnesium That You Haven't Heard Of Before

The best ways to take magnesium, including as an Epsom salt bath, IV, and topical oil.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
March 31 2019

This Is The Only Real Way To Tell If You're Dehydrated

New research has shed light on all the ways we've been wrong about hydration.

Elizabeth Gerson
March 10 2019