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Many Swear By Castor Oil For Longer Lashes, But Does It Work? Derms Explain

Derms explain whether this natural ingredient can help you look dolled-up and doe-eyed.

Jamie Schneider
2 days ago

Coconut Oil Is Hailed For Shiny, Moisturized Hair: 6 Ways To Apply It

The most versatile ingredient for all your beauty needs.

Jamie Schneider
4 days ago

The Best Way To Style Your Hair As You Sleep? It May Surprise You

It's the dream: waking up with perfectly styled strands that don't require fuss or restyling.

Alexandra Engler
September 7

5 Mistakes You're Making If Your Hair Isn't Growing As Fast As You Want

Growing long, full locks is by no means an easy task.

Alexandra Engler
September 6

Switch Up Your Look With One Of These 6 No-Fuss, Foolproof Hairstyles

For summer's final hurrah (sob!), try these low-lift styles.

Jamie Schneider
September 5

Which Hairstyle Flatters Your Face Shape Best? Experts Offer Their Pro Tips

The six face shapes in detail, plus which haircuts and styles look best on each.

Jamie Schneider
September 2

This Easy, At-Home Tool Can Give You Immaculate Brows: Here's How

Whether you're in between brow appointments or notice some unwanted peach fuzz, eyebrow razors are helpful to have at your disposal.

Jamie Schneider
August 22

How To Grow Your Hair Out: 6 Tips For Long, Healthy Strands, From Experts

Once you've decided to grow out your short 'do, the transition phase can be a bit grueling to tackle. We're here to help.

Jamie Schneider
August 19

Yes, There Are Different Types Of Split Ends: Here's How To Identify Each

It's true: Much like brows, split ends are sisters, not twins.

Jamie Schneider
August 17