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The Common Reason Your Hair Isn't Growing Quickly + What To Do

Want your hair to grow faster? Stop skipping this step.

Hannah Frye
13 hours ago

This Hair Growth Product Made My Hair Grow 8 Inches In 6 Months

Technically, Jazmin Alvarez has been in the beauty space her entire life.

Hannah Frye
a day ago

3 Huge Lash Mistakes This Specialist Sees All The Time

Hair growth becomes even more complicated when you start to get to hyper-localized areas of hair growth, such as the lashes. Here, what to know.

Alexandra Engler
March 14

The Groundbreaking Legislation That Will Change The Beauty Industry

In December of last year, a bill passed in Congress implementing a massive update to the FDA's regulatory oversight of the beauty industry. What to...

You Should Know These 3 Things Before Considering Laser Hair Removal

To some, laser hair removal may seem unnecessary. But for others, it is a complete game changer in helping folks feel better in their skin. What to...

Alexandra Engler
February 28

This Derm's Easy Hack Can Help You Prevent Hairline Thinning

It's safe to say that hair loss is unavoidable for most people.

Hannah Frye
February 26

I'm A Working Mom Of 3 & This Is the $12 Hair Product I Swear By

Odele founder Lindsay Holden, a mom of three based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, shares her no-fuss beauty routine as a working mother.

Alexandra Engler
February 21