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How Dancing Every Day Helped Me Love My Body

Okay, so I'm dancing every day for a year. At the ballet bar, in my sneakers, in clubs, classes, underground warehouse parties and on the streets.

Tasha Blank
October 18 2012

4 Steps to Finding Your Flow

In our quest for perfection, we get so caught up in being better than our neighbor that often we lose the joy in the experience.

Christina Caudill
September 11 2012

3 Simple Ways to Start Each Day Off Right

I have a shameful morning habit I'd like to confess. The first thing I do when I get out of bed each morning is (gulp) . . . check my phone for new...

Roxy Bargoz
September 6 2012

The Transformative Powers of 'Bija Mantra' Meditation

In Vedic tradition, “Bija Mantras” are used as tools for the expansion and widening of one’s mind by utilizing the power of sound vibrations. “Mantra”...

Sohini Trehan
August 25 2012

4 Tips to Find Movement That You Love

Working as a health coach, I find that the best exercise to recommend to a client is one that is connected to their heart. People will commit to...

Katerina Goldman
August 16 2012

4 Ways to Awaken Your Sensual Being

Do you know those moments in life when your senses are electrified and you feel awake and alive? These moments stand out in my memory as though lit...

Sara Courter
August 14 2012

You Are a Renewable Resource

There are times in life when it feels as though you are at the bottom of the barrel, used up and worn out. The needle is edging towards empty, and...

Lisa Arends
July 19 2012

The Sleep Experiment: Discover Your Perfect Night's Sleep

Do you consider yourself to be a night owl or an early bird? Current research shows that a preference for being an early riser or a late sleeper is...

Karen Morse
July 6 2012

4 Enlightening Thoughts to Brighten Your Day

Not having a great day? Here are four enlightening thoughts that might make things a bit better:

Ayelet Shimron
June 26 2012

How This Party Girl Met Yoga

It was 1977 when it all stated for me. Donna Summer and the Bee Gees ruled the airways. It was all things disco, which kept my feet happy and threw an...

Dana Flynn
June 14 2012

Nutritional & Spiritual Tips to Boost Your Sex Drive

Of all the areas of our lives that stress and exhaustion affect, sex drive has got to be the most frustrating.

Ciel Grove
June 9 2012

Food Energetics: Traditional Chinese Medicine's Best Kept Secret

Why do we eat? Have you given it much thought? I know why most people skip breakfast... if you were stuck in rush hour, attempting to devour a pastry...

Michelle Moore
June 6 2012

6 Tips for Getting the Best Sleep

I am sure you have all heard about the importance of sleep. But, did you know that poor sleep not only lessens your productivity for the following day...

Melissa Ambrosini
May 17 2012

6 Simple Steps to Sync Your Cycle

These days, and predominantly since the invention of electricity, our bodies could be said to be a little backwards.

Amy Landry
May 16 2012

10 Reasons To Eat What's In Season

There is something quite comforting about knowing that everything in the universe has its place – that things are what they are for a reason. Here are...

Katrine van Wyk
May 14 2012

How to Clear Your Sexual Blocks

Is sex an uplifting, rejuvenating, life-affirming, deeply pleasurable, transformative experience for you?

Kim Anami
May 11 2012

Waking Up to the Beat: Why Dance is the Doorway to Aliveness

Last month I ventured out to northern Washington and down to California to take a breather from NYC and dance furiously. Two weeks into my trip I...

Tasha Blank
April 30 2012