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I Was A Refugee. Here Are 4 Of The Most Important Life Lessons From That Experience

My heart breaks for the refugees streaming out of Syria, because I understand their pain and loss.

Fauzia Burke
January 21 2016

I Was Held At Gunpoint. Here's What I Wish Everyone Knew About Trauma

Ultimately, that night taught me so many valuable lessons about the importance of faith and resilience.

Samantha Messersmith
November 28 2015

7 Wellness Leaders On Why They Stopped Eating Meat (And Haven't Looked Back)

It's pretty hard to contest the health and environmental benefits of a veggie-heavy diet. And although everyone is bound to have their own unique...

Emma Loewe
November 23 2015

I Was Told My 16-Year-Old Son Would Die. Here's What I Learned From That Horrific Ordeal

My most life-altering event occurred in September 2012. Before it happened, I was feeling like I was on top of the world. I am a nutrition and fitness...

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
October 2 2015

I Was Bullied, So I Became A Bully

I’ve been on both sides of the bullying experience. I started out being the victim of bullying, and then I became a bully. It makes me cringe to admit...

Emily-Anne Rigal
September 10 2015

How I Finally Healed My Awful Sleep Issues (Including Sleepwalking)

Every evening each of us, alone and in the light of our own circumstances, surrenders to sleep… or tries to.

Kathleen Frazier
September 8 2015

What Being An Adoptive Mom Taught Me About Mindfulness

By October of 2008, my husband Scott and I had been waiting a solid year since we finished the last of our paperwork. The number of our adoption...

Jillian Lauren
August 6 2015

The Hidden Risks (And Rewards) I Wish Every Woman Knew About IVF

“I feel really comfortable putting in three.”

Krysta Manning
July 24 2015

What It's Really Like To Have Candida

Dealing with candida has become its own funny, uncomfortable little exercise in mindfulness

Charlotte Lieberman
May 21 2015

How To Redefine Sexy On Your Own Terms

You too can learn to cherish yourself and know how sexy you are by starting to follow these three surprisingly sexy rules.

Eva Selhub, M.D.
May 20 2015

My Daughter Had Anorexia & I Didn't Know: 5 Signs I Missed

She lied her way through a psychiatric interview and panel of tests and came out with a diagnosis of “completely normal.”

Clare Dunkle
May 19 2015

How I Naturally Healed My Acne-Prone Skin

Here are the 10 rules I always follow to make sure my skin behaves.

Osha Key
May 18 2015

In Sickness & In Health: Putting The Vow To The Test

The vow has been around since at least the 16th century’s Book of Common Prayer, and versions of it are implied or expressed in all sorts of cultures...

Lisa Grunwald
May 15 2015

7 Downsides To My 125-Pound Weight Loss

For everyone that’s plus-sized and wants to drop some weight, or anyone that was once plus-sized, this is for you.

Naomi Teeter
May 14 2015