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The Magical Metal You Should Be Adding To Your Wellness Routine

The process of beautification and adornment was not a vanity project but rather part of her creative healing process. It was a form of magic and...

Mikaela Bradbury
August 8 2016

Thinking of Inking Your First Tattoo? Consider These 3 Things First

You have thought about it a ton. Here's how to be sure you're not making a mistake.

Patrick Hyland
April 4 2016

I Was A Refugee. Here Are 4 Of The Most Important Life Lessons From That Experience

My heart breaks for the refugees streaming out of Syria, because I understand their pain and loss.

Fauzia Burke
January 21 2016

How My Brother's Dying Wish Changed My Life Forever

Four years ago, my mom and I stood in her home office with my 29-year-old younger brother’s will in our hands. We tried to find the strength to accept...

Erin Northcott
December 16 2015

I Was Held At Gunpoint. Here's What I Wish Everyone Knew About Trauma

Nine years ago, I was in my second year at Cal State Sacramento and my roommate and I were heading to a friend's apartment for a New Year's...

Samantha Messersmith
November 28 2015

7 Wellness Leaders On Why They Stopped Eating Meat (And Haven't Looked Back)

It's pretty hard to contest the health and environmental benefits of a veggie-heavy diet. And although everyone is bound to have their own unique...

Emma Loewe
November 23 2015

What Dying For 37 Seconds Taught Me About Living

When I think of my son, I feel love and pure joy. That wasn't always the case.

Stephanie Arnold
October 2 2015

I Was Told My 16-Year-Old Son Would Die. Here's What I Learned From That Horrific Ordeal

My most life-altering event occurred in September 2012. Before it happened, I was feeling like I was on top of the world. I am a nutrition and fitness...

JJ Virgin
October 2 2015

I Was Bullied, So I Became A Bully

I’ve been on both sides of the bullying experience. I started out being the victim of bullying, and then I became a bully. It makes me cringe to admit...

Emily-Anne Rigal
September 10 2015

How I Finally Healed My Awful Sleep Issues (Including Sleepwalking)

Every evening each of us, alone and in the light of our own circumstances, surrenders to sleep… or tries to.

Kathleen Frazier
September 8 2015

My Body's Not "Perfect," But Here's Why I'm Wearing A Bikini

Let’s talk about that “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini." Like so many others, I have struggled for more than eight years to wear a...

Lindsey Hall
September 4 2015

When It’s OK To Quit A Dream + Why I’m Giving Up On Mine

Almost no one talks about how quitting can sometimes be the best and bravest choice. People will come up with a hundred cliches to tell you to keep...

Kristen Arnett
August 28 2015

What Being An Adoptive Mom Taught Me About Mindfulness

By October of 2008, my husband Scott and I had been waiting a solid year since we finished the last of our paperwork. The number of our adoption...

Jillian Lauren
August 6 2015

The Hidden Risks (And Rewards) I Wish Every Woman Knew About IVF

“I feel really comfortable putting in three.”

Krysta Manning
July 24 2015

I Refused To Diet & Actually Lost 65 Pounds

Once I stopped saying the word “diet,” I lost weight. I don’t use the term diet, I don’t diet in general — and my life is wonderful. Believe it or...

Brigitte Weil
July 14 2015

How To Embrace Every Single Mile You Run + Enjoy It

It’s so easy to take a simple mile for granted. I can run for hours on end, so why should one little mile make any difference?

Amanda C. Brooks
May 25 2015

What It's Really Like To Have Candida

Dealing with candida has become its own funny, uncomfortable little exercise in mindfulness

Charlotte Lieberman
May 21 2015