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The Surprising Reason Your Brows Are Uneven + How To Deal

Remember: Your brows are meant to be sisters, not twins.

Hannah Frye
6 days ago

Bleaching Your Brows Can Be Dangerous — How To Mimic The Look, Sans Bleach

As the '90s showed us, brow trends are not always forgiving.

Hannah Frye
August 16 2022

I Never Thought I Could Have Full, Fluffy Brows — Until I Found This Product

If you have fine, sparse brows, you're going to want to read this.

Jamie Schneider
June 4 2022

I Have Sparse, Fine Brows: This Is The *Only* Product That Helps Them Look Full

If, like me, you have superfine brows, you may want to rethink your eyebrow products.

Jamie Schneider
September 8 2021

This Is How To Match Your Brows To Your Face Shape, In Case You're Curious

Eyebrows can quite literally change the shape of your face, so why not help them flatter your facial features?

Jamie Schneider
May 12 2021