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GABA: Here's How It Works In Your Brain + Why It's So Important

The GABA-mitochondria connection you need to know about.

Ilene Ruhoy, M.D., Ph.D.
April 12

Of All The Organs, This One Suffers Most From A Poor Diet

"Day after day, the foods we eat are broken down into nutrients, taken up into the bloodstream, and carried to this organ."

Lisa Mosconi, Ph.D.
April 9

The Brain Has A Negativity Bias. Here's How To Be Happy Anyway

Negative experiences are more powerful than positive ones.

Rick Hanson, Ph.D.
March 27

The Brain-Boosting Tonic This Neurologist Drinks Every Morning

Go ahead and give your brain's feel-good chemicals a boost.

Ilene Ruhoy, M.D., Ph.D.
March 2

Run, Walk, Talk: Meet The Therapist Who Takes Her Clients For A Run

Run Walk Talk is a unique and innovative approach to mental health treatment.

Krysten Peck
February 27

How To Hack Our Psychology To Take More Eco-Friendly Actions

Here's your 5-step action plan to hacking your brain and making more eco-friendly choices.

Emma Loewe
February 15

Why Travel Is The Ultimate Wellness Ritual

Need more reasons to book a getaway? We'll give them.

Elizabeth Inglese
February 12