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The Most Consumed Oil In The US Can Change The Brain (For The Worse)

Soybean oil is considered the most widely produced and consumed oil in America.

Sarah Regan
9 hours ago
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New Research Finds This One Emotion Drives Addictive Behavior The Most

This emotion may be the strongest factor in triggering addictive behavior.

Sarah Regan
January 12

Why We Fall For Psychopaths Like Joe Goldberg On Netflix's "You"

No spoilers hereā€”just a look at the psychology behind "You."

Sarah Regan
January 11

Learning A New Language Can Improve Brain Health, Study Finds

Picking up this new hobby can improve cognitive functioning.

Abby Moore
January 6

How To Make Healthy Habits Second Nature, According To Doctors Who Know

Temptation building, habit stacking, and more expert-approved strategies for helping your goals actually stick.

The Loneliness-Inflammation Connection You Need To Know About

A study found mindfulness practices may have a beneficial impact on inflammation and loneliness.

This Exercise May Boost Memory & Brain Health, Says The Mayo Clinic

They've given us another reason to hit the gym (and, more specifically, the treadmill) this January.

Eliza Sullivan
January 3

The One Food A Neurologist Wants You To Eat (That You May Not Know)

Broccoli sprouts are the power-packed veggie to add to your New Year's diet.

Eliza Sullivan
January 2

Does This Spin On The Mediterranean Diet Make It More Accessible?

The Mediterranean diet can still be good for you and the planet with the addition of pork.

Abby Moore
January 1