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I'm A Functional MD & These Sneaky Signs Can Signal A Tickborne Illness

If you present myriad symptoms, it's important to get to the root of the issue.

Jason Wachob
July 28

This Is What Your Brain Actually Does While You Sleep, According To Research

Until now, we haven't fully understood what really happens in the brain while we sleep.

Sarah Regan
July 16

This Is Where Spirituality Seems To "Live" In The Brain

Until now, research on the neuroscience behind spirituality has been limited.

Sarah Regan
July 5

This Is How The Pandemic Changed Our Brains + How To Cope, From A Neuroscientist

A lot has changed in the past year, including the structure and shape of our brains.

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Read Well, Live Well: 5 Ways Reading Benefits Your Brain

Beyond merely entertaining us, our brain reaps a handful of benefits while we read, in ways we seldom acknowledge.

Devon Barrow
June 17

Want To Maintain Cognitive Health As You Age? This Type Of Exercise May Help

It's no secret that staying active as we age is crucial for maintaining our health.

Sarah Regan
June 11

I’m A Neuro-Ophthalmologist: Here Are 5 Ways To Support Your Eye & Brain Health

Did you know that we don't really see with our eyes? We actually see with our brains.