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These 10 Liver Detox Supplements Are The Best On The Market

Morgan Chamberlain
Author: Expert reviewer:
Updated on January 6, 2023
Morgan Chamberlain
mbg Supplement Editor
By Morgan Chamberlain
mbg Supplement Editor
Morgan Chamberlain is a supplement editor at mindbodygreen. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science degree in magazine journalism and a minor in nutrition.
Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN
Expert review by
Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN
mbg Vice President of Scientific Affairs
Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN is Vice President of Scientific Affairs at mindbodygreen. She received her bachelor's degree in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D. in Foods and Nutrition from the University of Georgia.
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Last updated on January 6, 2023
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Thanks to an increase in modern-world toxins, not to mention the day-to-day stresses of normal cellular processes, our liver is exposed to heavier toxin loads and could use a little extra support.

When toxins are not converted into easily removable compounds within the liver, they can stay around in the body longer and may take an alternative route to the brain, nerves, various glands, or other biological tissues—all of which can lead to health implications down the road. (Yikes!)

True detoxification means taking daily actions to help your body's natural detox pathways through diet, exercise, sleep, hydration, and—yes, smart supplementation.*

The 10 Best Supplements To Support Liver Health & Detoxification:

What does the liver do?

The liver is a large vital organ located in the abdomen that performs over 500 biological tasks to promote everything from healthy skin, digestion, and detoxification to sufficient energy levels.

As the body's primary detox organ, the liver eliminates toxins we take in from our environment and lifestyle (e.g., chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, alcohol, etc.) by biotransforming them into water-soluble compounds that can be excreted through urine and by incorporating fat-soluble compounds into bile for elimination via feces.

Though the liver is just one part of the body's complex detoxification pathways, its health and function are essential for optimal detoxification, whole-body health, and even longevity.

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What are liver supplements?

As the body’s primary detoxification organ, the liver takes the brunt of the body’s toxic burden.

Liver supplements are designed to aid the liver’s detoxifying actions, so it can help filter, bind, and remove unwanted compounds efficiently and effectively. 

Many liver supplements include antioxidant ingredients because they help remove not only toxins, but free radicals as well (some of which are a byproduct of healthy liver function).* 

Here are some vitamins, minerals, herbs, and bioactives with antioxidant properties you should look for in a liver detox supplement:*

How liver supplements work

While many detox products are designed to be a temporary solution or "cleanse" for a season, they're often tough on the body and their benefits are fleeting.

Unlike detox drinks and liquid cleanse diet fads, the best liver detox supplements help bolster liver health and function 24/7 with targeted bioactives to promote liver and whole-body detoxification pathways.*

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Best liver detox supplements

Best overall: mindbodygreen daily detox+

With a curated entourage of powerful bioactives, botanicals, and nutrients, mbg's daily detox+ delivers 360-degree, whole-body detoxification support. Our premium formula actively fuels detox pathways, promotes toxin filtering and removal, and combats oxidative stress thanks to its synergistic and innovative design. Setria® glutathione (aka the master antioxidant) is at the helm, cruising tissues to clear toxins and restore equilibrium, while each additional ingredient synergizes glutathione by promoting its synthesis (milk thistle), bolstering healthy levels in the body (acerola vitamin C), helping to activate vital enzymes (selenium), and promoting regeneration (NAC). Consider daily detox+ your personal cleanup crew that works round the clock to support your body's 24/7 detoxification. Did we mention it's vegan and free of GMOs, gluten, soy, dairy, and all major food allergens?*

daily detox+, mindbodygreen ($59/month)


What our reviewers say

"By prioritizing good nutrition, sleep, and movement in my life, I'm laying a foundation for health and well-being. Even so, the reality is that the pressure of oxidative stress from environmental exposures and biological processes is an inevitable, daily occurrence. I leverage daily detox+ like my personal cellular cleanup crew, helping to strengthen and optimize my body's intrinsic detoxification pathways at the cellular, organ, and whole-body level."*
Colleen Wachob, mbg co-founder & co-CEO

Best milk thistle complex: Integrative Therapeutics Super Milk Thistle® X

Milk thistle has been used for centuries to support liver health and function. This is thanks to milk thistle's phytonutrient compound silymarin, which helps protect liver cells via antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions in the body. Dandelion leaf and artichoke extract help promote bile production, while licorice root extract provides additional anti-inflammatory properties. This botanical-packed, liver-centric formula is vegan and free from gluten, dairy, and soy.*

Super Milk Thistle® X, Integrative Therapeutics ($44)

mbg Creative / Integrative Therapeutics

Best mushroom blend: Cymbiotika Organic Longevity Mushrooms

Who doesn't love medicinal mushrooms? Packed with six powerful mushroom varieties—cordyceps, lion's mane, reishi, shiitake, turkey tail, and king trumpet—Cymbiotika's liposomal mushroom formula is unique. Diverse fungi offer beta-glucans, prebiotics, minerals, B vitamins, amino acids, and more that promote liver function and whole-body health. Squeeze the entire contents of this 40-calorie, sugar-free, fudge-like syrup onto your yogurt in the morning, your ice cream at night, or directly into your coffee or milk for a sweet liver-supporting treat.*

Organic Longevity Mushrooms, Cymbiotika ($60)

mbg Creative / Cymbiotika

Best with TUDCA: Revive Liver

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (aka TUDCA) is a soluble bile salt that has been found to promote liver health and nurture healthy bile flow. While Revive's 300 milligrams of TUDCA earned its superlative, this bile salt isn't the only ingredient in the formula that promotes liver function: NAC and milk thistle both support healthy glutathione levels. Meanwhile, astragalus, ginseng, and black pepper extracts deliver additional antioxidant actions. The four-capsule serving size takes some commitment, but we're fans of the formula.*

Liver, Revive ($55)

mbg Creative / Revive

Best with artichoke: Swisse Liver Detox

Derived from globe artichokes grown in Spain, the 40-milligram dose of artichoke leaf extract is the star of the show in this supplement. Milk thistle and turmeric round out the list of antioxidant ingredients to provide a detox formula that delivers liver protection, renewal, and overall health and function. If those highlights weren't exciting enough, Swisse's Liver Detox is also vegan, vegetarian, and free from artificial flavors and sweeteners, sugar, lactose, and gluten.*

Liver Detox, Swisse ($36)

mbg Creative / Swisse

Best powder: mindbodygreen organic veggies+

We don't mean to brag, but mbg's vegan greens powder delivers a USDA-certified organic whole foods blend with 31 powerhouse ingredients that promote digestion, gastrointestinal health, and detoxification. With everything from organic root and sea vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs to berries, digestive enzymes, and pre- and probiotics, organic veggies+ offers a full array of botanicals and fiber to support liver and whole-body detoxification. Cruciferous veggies broccoli and green cabbage and anti-inflammatory ginger and turmeric are especially showing your liver some love.*

organic veggies+, mindbodygreen ($49/month)


Best liver + GI support: Pure Encapsulations Liver-G.I. Detox

When it comes to detoxification, the small and large intestines have a big role to play in the binding and removal of toxins. So, it only makes sense that Pure Encapsulations created Liver-G.I. Detox to support detox pathways that involve both the liver and the gastrointestinal tract. This packed ingredient list includes alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), NAC, turmeric, broccoli sprout concentrate, milk thistle, artichoke, chlorella, and amino acids (including taurine, gut-loving glutamine, and glutathione precursor methionine, and glutathione building block glycine). Whether you're looking for liver-protective and antioxidant properties or wanting to maintain the integrity and health of your intestinal barrier, this gluten- and GMO-free supplement has you covered.*

Liver-G.I. Detox, Pure Encapsulations ($53)

mbg Creative / Pure Encapsulations

Best botanical blend: Gaia Herbs Liver Cleanse

Looking for a high-quality herbal supplement that supports sustainability, the environment, and your liver? As a certified B Corp with a transparent commitment to purity the environment, Gaia Herbs has got you covered. With botanicals like milk thistle, dandelion root, turmeric root, ginger root, burdock root, and more, this plant-packed supplement helps support detoxification and elimination pathways, promote bile production, and cleanse the liver. (And it's vegan and dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free, to boot!)*

Liver Cleanse, Gaia Herbs ($30)

mbg Creative / Gaia Herbs

Best high-potency silymarin: Metabolic Maintenance Silymarin

With 300 milligrams of the liver-famous phytochemical silymarin in a singular vegetarian capsule, this no-fuss, high-potency silymarin supplement gets straight to the point. Derived from milk thistle seed, silymarin supports liver health by helping to stabilize liver cell membranes and combating oxidative stress (thanks to its inherent antioxidant properties). Free from dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and gluten, this supplement is frill-free and ready to promote healthy liver function.*

Silymarin, Metabolic Maintenance ($50)

mbg Creative / Metabolic Maintenance

Best short-term cleanse tea: Flora Flor•Essence®

It’s clear that herbs are BFFL (best friends for livers) in this gentle detox tea. The eight botanicals included in Flor•Essence® support elimination pathways and the removal of toxins—both in the liver and on a whole-body level. Antioxidant herbal ingredients like watercress and organic burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm, kelp, and rhubarb root help fight free radicals and combat oxidative stress, while red clover blossom works to eliminate toxins from blood and blessed thistle (not be confused with milk thistle) helps stimulate bile production. This vegan, GMO-free tea comes in 17- and 32-ounce bottles—just measure two ounces into a mug and add hot water to enjoy!*

Flor•Essence®, Flora ($33)

mbg Creative / Flora

What to look for in a quality liver health supplement

The liver and its functions can be somewhat elusive to the average person, but you better believe that your liver is working hard every day to filter compounds for the rest of the body to use (or easily eliminate). 

We know how confusing the dietary supplement market can be, so we asked our vice president of scientific affairs, Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN, to highlight the top five criteria to consider when choosing the best liver detox supplement.

Whether you're trying to figure out what to look for in a liver supplement or hoping to select one of the products on our list, we hope these five factors help you find the right supplement to support your personal detox pathways and optimize your liver health:


Biological support for liver detox pathways

Detoxification is complex—and the liver is right in the middle of it all.

Choosing a comprehensive liver detox supplement that supports various aspects and angles of detoxification (such as detox phase I and II, which occur in the liver) and helps the body bind to and remove toxins is key. 

Products that contain antioxidants (especially glutathione, aka the body's "master antioxidant") help maintain oxidative balance, which is crucial for optimal liver function.* 

Find a supplement that bolsters sufficient antioxidant levels to combat free radicals (which are both a byproduct of liver detoxification pathways and the result of normal biological functions) and promote healthy redox balance (i.e., antioxidants balancing out oxidants).*


Multi-system detox support

Although the liver is a biological detox VIP, detoxification is a whole-body process that involves multiple organ systems. 

Naturally, your detox supplement should have ingredients (e.g., nutrients, botanicals, and bioactives) that provide comprehensive support that aids cellular, organ, and whole-body cleanup activities.* 

For example, a supplement that includes antioxidant ingredients offers comprehensive detox support by promoting oxidative balance in the main organs of elimination (i.e., liver, kidneys, skin, gastrointestinal tract, and lymph) and throughout the body.*


Science-backed ingredients

According to Ferira, your liver detox supplement should include meaningful doses of science-backed ingredients—i.e., ingredients that have plausible biological mechanisms or evidence of clinically shown liver support.*


 Sustainable detox support

The vast majority of short-term, overhaul cleanses simply don't make sense (and can be quite taxing on mental health and psychological well-being). "Our bodies detox 24/7, so why the heck aren't we supporting that?" asks Ferira. 

Most of the detox supplements included on our list are meant to be taken every day and provide daily detoxification support.* 

That said, there is a time and a place for "resetting" your detox pathways, so we included two short-term cleanse and reset options as well, in case you're looking for a detox approach that will hit your body's "refresh" button.


 Quality sourcing & reputation

When it comes to dietary supplements, quality and transparency are of the utmost importance.

If you're thinking about adding a liver detox supplement (or any new supplement) to your routine, make sure you do your research on the company's sourcing, quality, and reputation. 

The product should prioritize purity and potency, and the brand should be transparent about what's in itstheir product and where it comes from.

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How to keep your liver healthy

While daily supplementation can help bolster detoxification, promoting optimal liver health and function is a 24/7 endeavor.*

Here are some healthy lifestyle habits that further support your liver’s natural detoxification:

  • Eat liver- and gut-healthy foods: Avoiding processed foods, alcohol, and excess caffeine can help reduce toxin exposure (think pesticides, additives, etc.) while packing your diet with whole foods (organic, when you can) like veggies, fruits, whole grains, sustainably raised meats, fish, beans, and healthy oils (e.g., avocado, olive, and coconut) helps increase antioxidant intake (i.e., free radical scavengers) and nourish the body.
  • Try intermittent fasting: According to a 2016 preclinical research study from the German Research Center for Environmental Health, liver cells produce more of a protein called GADD45β that helps improve sugar metabolism and reduce levels of liver fat during periods of fasting. Think of intermittent fasting as daily internal spring cleaning for cellular detoxification.
  • Break a sweat daily: One of the best ways to take some of the detoxification burden off of the liver is to lean on another detox organ (like the skin!). Whether you do 30 mins of daily aerobic exercise or opt for far infrared saunas or a hot shower instead, sweating toxins out is a great way to support liver health.
  • Practice self-care: Excess stress contributes to internal oxidative stress, which ultimately impacts liver function1 and overall well-being. Add a few relaxing activities—like yoga, meditation, or an Epsom salt bath—to your weekly routine to add calm and joy to your life.
  • Limit toxin exposure: Many of the modern toxins we encounter can be avoided in the first place with a little bit of effort. Try using glass containers instead of plastic, limiting contact with items that contain BPA (like receipts and plastic bags), switching to non-toxic personal care products and cleaning supplies, steering clear of candles and perfumes with synthetic fragrances, and buying organic produce when possible. Each toxin adds to the burden on your liver, so no swap is too small!

The takeaway

The liver certainly isn't the only detoxification organ, but it's no doubt the most famous.

You'll notice that this list of supplements doesn't have one go-to ingredient to support liver health but rather a smorgasbord of bioactives that promote liver detoxification from every angle.* 

If you're thinking about adding one of these liver supplements to your daily routine for everyday detox support, make sure to talk to a health care provider first.

Whether you're using this guide to navigate the vast market of liver supplements or are already sold on one included in this list, we hope you find the detox product that complements your lifestyle and takes care of your liver health needs.*

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.
Morgan Chamberlain
Morgan Chamberlain
mbg Supplement Editor

Morgan Chamberlain is a supplement editor at mindbodygreen. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science degree in magazine journalism and a minor in nutrition. Chamberlain believes in taking small steps to improve your well-being—whether that means eating more plant-based foods, checking in with a therapist weekly, or spending quality time with your closest friends. When she isn’t typing away furiously at her keyboard, you can find her cooking in the kitchen, hanging outside, or doing a vinyasa flow.