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How Ashtanga Yoga Pushed Me To Embrace Change

How one woman pursued Ashtanga yoga to help battle the storms in her life.

Tatiana Sokolova
3 hours ago

3 Reasons Mindfulness Is A Powerful Tool Against Eating Disorders

"Meditation cultivates a mind that can find itself, even if it loses its way."

Lena Franklin
3 hours ago

The 4 Spiritual Intentions Deepak Chopra Lives By

"There's no within; there's no without. There's just you as being. The rest is a story."

Deepak Chopra
a day ago

The Wellness Hacks This Pro Surfer Swears By For Better Waves & Peace Of Mind

How THIS ROXY surfer cultivates a relationship with wellness while riding the waves of life.

Krysten Peck
a day ago

Kristen Bell Shares The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Tip No. 1: Vulnerability begets connection.

Leigh Weingus
a day ago

The Only Routine You Need To Strengthen Your Core & Build Confidence

Bethany Meyers demonstrates a simple routine designed to strengthen your core and overall confidence.

Krysten Peck
2 days ago

Dental Care Just Got A Huge Make-Under

Who knew dental hygiene could look so good?

Lindsay Kellner
2 days ago

You Haven't Lived Until You've Tried This Easy, DIY Vegan Almond Bacon

With a sweet potato toast crostini, it makes the perfect easy, snacky dinner.

Liz Moody
2 days ago

How Quitting The Gym Taught Me To Embrace The Great Outdoors

Here's why you should take your workout outside.

Stevie Van Horn
2 days ago

How to Start Over Today In Any Area of Your Life

Life change, broken down into nine simple steps.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
2 days ago

Infidelity Can Be A Crucial Tool For Personal Growth. Here's Why

Whether you're the cheater or you've been cheated on, this is a must-read.

Laura Brown
2 days ago