Want To Manifest More Money? Make Sure You Have The Right Crystals

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Money Mondays is a new series focused on the intersection of finances and well-being. We believe money is one of the last taboos in the wellness world: Why is it that we can talk about our sex lives and not our salaries? With an underlying drive to empower, we’re aiming to address all your burning questions about making money (and making more), saving it, spending it, but most of all how to use it to power the life of your dreams.

First, a point to clarify: Crystals can't make money without effort from you; that's not how they work. (We wish!) But you can use them strategically to help manifest the energy you need to achieve your financial dreams. It's with continued attention and intention that we manifest anything, including money, and crystals can help by reminding us of the goals we set.

Whether your goal is to eliminate debt, increase your savings, or generate more income, there's a crystal for that. We asked three crystal experts to recommend stones that have the most power to generate financial abundance, as well as what types of rituals pair best with each. Here's what they said:

1. Pyrite or fool's gold to eliminate poverty consciousness.

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Pyrite, also known as "fool's gold" was the unanimous first pick of all three crystal experts. According to Heather Askinosie, energy healer and founder of Energy Muse jewelry, pyrite will help "eliminate poverty consciousness." It also "helps to strengthen your confidence by teaching you that life is full of abundance and endless opportunity." She suggests holding your pyrite out in front of you and asking "what am I holding back?" You might be surprised by the answer that comes!

Energy bed therapist Kalisa Augustine agrees. In addition to helping you overcome current obstacles, pyrite "helps you have a clear mind, fine-tune inner dynamic energy, and gives wisdom to move through business- and work-related challenges." She recommends displaying it on your desk.

Yulia Van Doren of goldirocks.co, Instagram's favorite crystal "dealer" and author of the up-and-coming book Crystals: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing, agrees that pyrite is her No. 1 choice for manifestation and money. She also recommends keeping pyrite visible on your desk, as it will help with "creativity and flow," as well.

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2. Green jade enhances your focus.

Green jade has been used throughout Chinese history to attract both wealth and harmony. "Jade actually does a lot metaphysically and for the nervous system, but it is especially interesting for attracting dough because it helps you keep calm in the middle of the storm," Kalisa adds.

According to Yulia, jade "holds a quieter vibration" than other crystals on this list, so it's best kept in your bedroom to help you manifest your dream life while you're literally dreaming.

"Try keeping a piece on your nightstand or tucking a small stone under your mattress," Yulia suggests.

3. Clear quartz clarifies your intention.

One of the most ubiquitous and well-known crystals, clear quartz helps you clear the clutter and get real about what your true intention is.

Heather suggests holding the quartz in your left hand, the feminine, receiving hand. "Close your eyes. State out loud one thing that you can take action on that will bring you closer to your financial goals." From here, let the quartz guide your path. What is needed to manifest your goals? Create an achievable, action-oriented plan with the guidance of clear quartz.

4. Malachite imparts courage for you to live the life you want.

Malachite is a stunning emerald-hued stone that will impart the strength and courage to transform any fears or doubts in regards to money. Even the organic patterns that adorn the surface of a polished malachite stone are a reminder that it's OK to change—change is beautiful.

Heather recommends placing a malachite stone over your heart. "Ask yourself, what does my heart desire? What brings me passion? How can I align my passion with my financial goals?" You'll know how to move forward, heart first.

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5. Citrine boosts your inner confidence.

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Citrine is a type of quartz crystal associated with your solar plexus, the area around and above your navel, below your lungs. Out of all the crystals that our team of experts recommend, this golden beauty ranked a close second to pyrite. "As one of the most powerful stones for manifestation, it will help you bring your financial goals to life," said Askinsokie.

Citrine is especially sensitive to holding a charge, so be mindful when you're holding it. You can charge it by rubbing it between your hands per Heather's suggestion or letting it bask in the moonlight. Since it's associated with the solar plexus, it's also a powerful crystal to use during breath work.

Augustine reiterated that citrine can "enhance confidence, gusto, willpower, luck, and abundance."

Yulia suggested the below visualization exercise specifically for citrine:

"Find a quiet spot and kick off your shoes so your feet can make a connection with the ground. Hold a piece of citrine in your hands, or lay one on your navel, and imagine a specific goal from your wishlist or to-do list. Place that goal in a clear balloon and let it hang a few feet in front of you. Imagine energizing flames beginning to emerge from your citrine crystal, flickering upward and outward, slowly changing the color of the balloon from clear to a golden, fiery orange. With a puff, blow the shimmering balloon up and away, to the land where dreams always come true and to-do lists are always finished on time. Don't forget to thank your crystal when finished; your gratitude unplugs your personal energy from the crystal, a very important final step."

6. Tiger's-eye protects your precious energy from leaking.

Tiger's-eye brings a protective field to you and your energy and aids the law of attraction. Kalisa recommends using it as a grounding tool as it has the unique ability to "help bring your energy back from all over the place."

But the law of attraction doesn't just work, according to Kalisa. "For the law of attraction to work we have to be clear, focused, and grounded with our intentions, and I want to incorporate this one because it can help bring your energy back from all over the place. It is an allover good-luck stone that has traditionally been associated with money." Noted.

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7. Andalusite is your goal-setting ally.

When cut the right way, andalusite structure is organically a literal bull's-eye. Two black diagonal lines cross at the center for an X-marks-the-spot, making it a very special stone for goal-setting work.

Heather recommends doing a gazing meditation with the bull's-eye. "Visualize that center point as your financial goal. Get focused and precise on where you want to hit the mark financially." Get really clear about it, and following the exercise write down three steps that you can take today to hit that financial bull's-eye in the future.

8. Green aventurine puts luck on your side.

Green aventurine is a little lighter than jade with a more opportunistic energy. "It's all about good luck and opportunity from different places!" Place green aventurine in places where you might expect cash to grow: a cash box, a drawer where you keep your bills, or even a little bit in your wallet.

Kalisa highly recommends green aventurine as it is well-known for attracting wealth, winning games, and provoking "random" windfalls.

9. The combination of emerald and ruby helps you live your most authentic life.

And no, it's not nearly as expensive as you think. In fact, a unicorn latte costs more than buying one of each! Yulia aptly notes that both ruby and emerald are available as very affordable tumbled stones. "Emerald carries energies of heart-opening abundance while Ruby is powerfully grounding and stabilizing," she said. In other words, they're the dynamic duo that helps keep you open to new experiences while grounding you in the wisdom of what you already know.

Yulia suggests a ritual using both stones at the same time. "To open yourself up to abundant flow, meditate with an emerald laid on your heart center and a ruby placed right below your spine. This combination is extremely stabilizing and empowers your ability to be generous with your resources and gifts, a vital aspect for tapping into the flow of abundance. It's really true: The more you give away, the more you receive."

How you use your crystals is just as important as having them. To find out more about where to place crystals in your home, we consulted feng shui expert Dana Claudat, who personally loves crystals and has a few suggestions on how to optimize their powers. According to Dana, the financial quarters of the home are on the far left of the doorway. The next time you walk into your home, think about what that space is for you. Consider keeping your crystals and/or doing some of the rituals mentioned there. If the space feels stagnant, take time to tidy up and clear the energy of the space by burning sage. Since crystals contain energy and vibrations unto themselves, it's very important to make sure they're charged, cleared, and cleaned often. To charge crystals, you can rub them between your hands, bring them to a moon ceremony, put them in plants, or bathe them in moonlight. Sound baths, breath work, saging, and other practices will work too.

One of the main themes here is not to limit yourself, and to remain open to receive. Some of these things are indirect: You may not get a raise right away! Be patient with the work. It's also important to recognize that space and time are one: So if you're given the gift of more free time, it might be what you choose to do with that time that ultimately manifests your dream project, ideal salary, or both.

Want to learn how feng shui can help you create a high-vibe home and set powerful intentions to manifest your dreams? This is feng shui the modern way - no superstitions, all good vibes. Click here to register for a free session with Dana that will give you 3 tips to transform your home today!

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