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7 Super Snacks To Keep Handy If You're Trying To Eat Clean

Hands up: Who needs a real vacation? I don't mean a working vacation or even one where you're juggling calls and coworker texts while attempting to...

JJ Virgin
March 9 2015

6 Foods To Make Your Salad Even Healthier

"You've just turned your meal into dessert," I said, noticing the candied walnuts, dried cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette that topped the salad...

JJ Virgin
March 2 2015

Why Your Workout Is Wasting Your Time

Don't shoot the messenger, but I'm here to let you in on a dirty little secret about your workout routine: Steady-state cardio or endurance training...

JJ Virgin
February 24 2015

7 Things Not To Do When You Give Up Sugar

Sugar has become the new fat, rightly ostracized for making us sick, overweight, tired and prematurely old. As sugar's numerous problems continue to...

JJ Virgin
February 17 2015

Why All Juices Are Not Created Equal

Chalk it up to clever marketing coupled with a refuse-to-die "but juice is healthy!" urban legend that leads people to undergo near-starvation juice...

JJ Virgin
February 9 2015

7 More Reasons To Stay Away From "Skinny" Foods

Despite my hope they would just be passing fads, I've learned "skinny" foods and drinks are hot again.

JJ Virgin
February 2 2015

5 Breakfast Choices You Think Are Healthy (But Actually Aren't)

"That's the feeling of your blood sugar crashing," I replied to my friend when she recently confessed a she sudden hankering for the hot cinnamon...

JJ Virgin
January 20 2015

5 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals

Don't get me wrong. Nobody is more pro-gym than me. If you're certain a membership can help you reach your health goals rather than becoming an...

JJ Virgin
January 8 2015

5 Things Healthy People Do Before Starting Their Day

"This morning couldn't get any worse, and I'm hangry!" my friend texted on the plane. She sat on an already-delayed flight to see her in-laws, the...

JJ Virgin
December 29 2014

7 Foods Most People Think Are Healthy, But Really Aren't

"One quickly became three," my client confessed several years ago about those silly 100-calorie snack packs. "My health halo kicked in, I reasoned...

JJ Virgin
December 20 2014

9 Strategies To Curb Cravings

Whatever your dietary enemy is, count on it appearing during the three-month sugar orgy that starts in October and ends New Year's Day. Without fail,...

JJ Virgin
December 16 2014

Are You A Sugar Burner Or A Fat Burner?

"I'm always hungry," a client recently told me. "I mean, I eat breakfast but I'm running for the vending machine a few hours after I get to work....

JJ Virgin
December 8 2014

Could Lasting Health & Weight Loss Really Be As Simple As This?

All eyes fixated on her svelte physique as she strolled into the room wearing a fitted, strapless black dress. Everyone at my table speculated how she...

JJ Virgin
November 25 2014

7 Sneaky Sugars That Sabotage Your Salad

Everyone has THAT friend. The one who flaunts her imaginary health halo, piously abstaining from that double cheeseburger (did she just flash her "I'm...

JJ Virgin
November 11 2014

The Weight-Loss Cliché That Sets You Up To Fail

During my nearly three decades as a celebrity fitness and nutrition expert, nothing drives me nuts more than the cliché, "Everything in moderation."...

JJ Virgin
October 29 2014

Easy Ways To Distract Yourself When You Want To Eat Junk

A new study from the University of Minnesota concluded that comfort food doesn't assuage your grief. Researchers screened depressing movie clips for...

JJ Virgin
October 19 2014

THIS Is Why You're Not Losing Weight

"I got on the scales, and … nothing," a frustrated client will occasionally tell me. When you fully commit to something, you expect consistent...

JJ Virgin
October 10 2014

How Anyone Can Eat Healthy On A Tight Budget

A few years ago, while promoting The Virgin Diet, I spoke at a local health food store. Afterwards, during the Q&A, the last question caught me...

JJ Virgin
September 30 2014

5 Foods To Rev Up Your Metabolism

The problem with many diets is that they focus on what you shouldn't have instead of on what you should have!

JJ Virgin
September 17 2014

7 Self-Sabotaging Lies That Derail Weight Loss

“You realize that’s, like, the biggest fat-loss cliché ever,” I told my friend as she dove into the breadbasket. She belongs to what I call the “last...

JJ Virgin
September 6 2014