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I'm A Holistic Nutritionist. Here's How I Stay Healthy Through The Holidays

I know how crazy holidays can become, and how easy it is to let healthy eating take a backseat. I'm a nutrition and fitness expert, and even I have...

JJ Virgin
December 12 2015

Why You Should Probably Eat More Fermented Dairy

Fermenting has been around for thousands of years, and traditional cultures, including some in Russia and Europe, still rely on it heavily.

JJ Virgin
November 25 2015

7 Life Hacks To Keep You Lean & Toned

A healthy diet is the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Let’s be clear: You cannot out-exercise, out-sleep, out-stress, or out-anything a crappy diet. If...

JJ Virgin
November 3 2015

10 Ways To Beat Chocolate Cravings (Yes, Really)

Halloween is a few days away, and I know how hard it can be to stop yourself from reaching for the candy. Here's a dose of reality that might have...

JJ Virgin
October 25 2015

Lost Interest In Sex? Can't Lose Weight? It Could Be This

Testosterone levels are something we don't think about a lot, but they could have a major effect on your health. As a nutrition and fitness coach, I...

JJ Virgin
October 18 2015

7 Healthy Hacks To Beat Sugar Cravings

As a holistic nutritionist with cravings just like everyone else, I’ve developed an arsenal of tactics to conquer them. Controlling stress levels,...

JJ Virgin
October 4 2015

I Was Told My 16-Year-Old Son Would Die. Here's What I Learned From That Horrific Ordeal

My most life-altering event occurred in September 2012. Before it happened, I was feeling like I was on top of the world. I am a nutrition and fitness...

JJ Virgin
October 2 2015

5 Tricks To Eat More Veggies

Put a dozen health experts in one room and we’ll agree about very little, but one thing I’m certain almost everyone concurs: We need to eat more...

JJ Virgin
September 6 2015

14 Rules I Follow When Eating Fruit

As sugar awareness increases, fruit has lately become more heavily scrutinized. Even though it offers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, most of...

JJ Virgin
August 25 2015

7 Sugar Rules I Follow Every Day

The FDA recently proposed putting added sugars on a product’s nutrient label, a move that did not please the food industry. As consumers become...

JJ Virgin
August 17 2015

Crush Cravings With This Incredibly Delicious Chocolate Shake

Regardless of where you live, cooking over a hot stove probably doesn’t seem the ideal way to start a humid summer day. A shake is the perfect way to...

JJ Virgin
August 2 2015

5 Reasons To Add More Protein To Your Diet

One of the fastest ways to calm your hunger and sugar cravings is by eating protein. You probably know protein is great for keeping you satisfied, but...

JJ Virgin
July 21 2015

3 Mistakes That Make Your Protein Shakes Unhealthy

I don’t want you making these three mistakes that crash-and-burn an otherwise-healthy protein shake.

JJ Virgin
July 16 2015

Want To Lose Weight? Don't Focus On Exercise

I have that friend, and you probably do too. We watch them slog through miserable aerobics classes or glide halfheartedly on the elliptical machine...

JJ Virgin
July 4 2015

5 "Healthy" Foods That Can Turn Unhealthy Quickly

“I would never devour six bowls of spinach,” my friend said recently, “so why can I polish off half a jar of almond butter in one sitting?”

JJ Virgin
June 19 2015

Can Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight?

I've noticed a pattern among my lean friends: Many of them enjoy a glass of red wine instead of having dessert.

JJ Virgin
June 7 2015

5 Daily Practices Of Healthy & Happy People

“It’s more than good genes, though that certainly helps,” my friend said, smiling as she casually sipped a hot green tea. In her early 40s, she looked...

JJ Virgin
May 24 2015

When Too Much Fruit Is A Bad Thing

Fructose hasn’t earned a good reputation lately. Recent studies tie this sugar with inflammation, Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic syndrome...

JJ Virgin
April 30 2015

5 Tips To Have A Great Poop Every Time

You can’t talk about optimal health without discussing poop. Regular elimination is a crucial part of this process, while diarrhea or constipation can...

JJ Virgin
April 8 2015

How To Get High-Quality, Uninterrupted Sleep Every Night

You've seen the infographic that shows the vast, devastating havoc too little sleep creates in your body. Perhaps you've also seen studies that show...

JJ Virgin
March 29 2015