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You're Probably Applying Your Eye Cream Wrong — How To Glide It On Like A Pro

The jam-packed formulas can work like a charm—assuming you use them correctly.

Jamie Schneider
February 18

This 5-Step Valentine's Day Makeup Look Gives You A Candlelit Glow

Like you were out dancing all night, awash in soft candlelight, or feeling the first flutters of falling in love.

Jamie Schneider
February 14

Want Pillowy, Bouncy Skin? This "Breathable" Makeup Product Is One To Watch

These hang in the happy middle ground between makeup and skin care.

Jamie Schneider
February 11

This Makeup Artist's 4-Step Tutorial Will Have You Glowing Like Golden Hour

A sunset-inspired beauty look stirs all the warm, beachy feels.

Jamie Schneider
February 4