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What Your Houseplants' Curling Leaves Are Trying To Tell You

Seeing curled leaves on your plants is an indication that something is awry.

Sarah Regan
2 hours ago

You Need To Mist More Than The Leaves + Other Houseplant Misting Tips

Pro tip: Don't just mist your plant's leaves. Make sure to get the soil too.

Sarah Regan
3 days ago

Do Citronella Candles Actually Keep Bugs Away? We Asked An Entomologist

Citronella is incredibly popular for warding off mosquitoes—but does it actually work?

Sarah Regan
July 28

The Telltale Signs Your Houseplant Needs A Bigger Pot ASAP

At one point or another, most plants will need to be repotted (or up-potted).

Sarah Regan
July 23

Bugs, Begone: A Super Easy Way To Get Pests Off Your Houseplants

Pests in your Pothos? Here's how to nix houseplant bugs for good.

Sarah Regan
July 15

Here's How To Make The Best Brain-Boosting Salad, Every Time

Want a more youthful brain? Aim to consume a big salad every day.

Max Lugavere
June 22

The 4 Foods A Gastroenterologist Swears By For Fueling Your Microbes

According to Will Bulsiewicz, M.D., MSCI, each plant has its own unique blend of fiber.

Jason Wachob
June 19

15 Lucky Houseplants According To Feng Shui & Where To Put Them

Different plants in different places can offer lots of benefits to you and your space.

Sarah Regan
June 17