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5 Lessons From Yoga To Help You Process Unthinkable Tragedy

More than trying to make sense of what is senseless, more than clichés that try to explain the unexplainable, our commitment to being present is what...

Linda Carroll, M.S.
October 4

11 Things To Remember When Coping With Tragedy

Fighting our way back into life, one breath at a time, leads us to become a better version of ourselves, begin to turn the page on our losses, write...

Ken Druck, Ph.D
September 20

This Back Pain Therapy Is Cheap, Easy & Effective

Is technology the future of back pain relief?

Stephan Huber, M.D.
September 19

A Neurologist On How To Help Someone In Pain

When someone you love is hurt, here's what to do.

Ilene Ruhoy, M.D., Ph.D.
September 17

I Went From Weeklong Migraines To Headache-Free: Here's How

Get to the root cause of your headaches.

Sandie Gascon
August 23

What Does The Science Say About Yoga For Pain?

In pain? Head to your mat.

Gretchen Lidicker
June 30

Here Are The Natural Remedies That ACTUALLY Worked For My Autoimmune Disease

"I'm a huge advocate for the success of this hemp derivative for pain management and inflammation."

Melissa Lenberg
June 8

The Secrets For Coping With Chronic Pain This PT Swears By

Here's your primer on healing holistically.

Jennifer Wilson
May 31

You Can Rewire Your Brain To Fight Chronic Pain: Here's How

Pain has more to do with your mind than your body.

Joe Tatta
May 12

Got Back Pain? These Are The Best & Worst Treatments

Are you accidentally making your back pain worse?

Gretchen Lidicker
February 15

A Doctor Explains The Different Types Of Pain + How To Heal Naturally

Do you know how to approach your pain?

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
February 10

Is There Really A Connection Between Your Pain + The Weather?

Blaming your back pain on the rain? This is what you need to know.

Gretchen Lidicker
January 12

How I Healed My Chronic Hip Pain Naturally

It really is possible.

Claire Meredith
December 1 2016

Is Your Body Aging Prematurely? Here's How To Reverse It

A functional medicine doctor explains how to heal an achy body.

Joe Tatta
November 26 2016

How You Can Rewire Your Brain To Release Physical Pain

Your neurology is so powerful: Use it to heal.

Joe Tatta
November 11 2016

7 Ways To "Think" Your Way Out Of Physical Pain

That mind-body connection has never been stronger.

Joe Tatta
October 7 2016