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Want Shiny Hair? Here Are The 10 Best ACV-Infused Hair Products

The hair and skin care hero ingredient of late has to go to apple cider vinegar.

Alexandra Engler
2 days ago

The Science Of Why You Are (Or Aren't) Attracted To Men With Beards

The study found that, overall, the female participants found men with beards more attractive.

Eliza Sullivan
January 15

Should You Be Rinsing Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar? (Probably!)

So, how do you actually use it at home? We investigated.

Alexandra Engler
December 28 2019

Thick Hair Found To Break More Easily Than Thin Hair In New Study

When it comes to hair health, you'd think the thicker, the better, right?

Sarah Regan
December 11 2019

Why Does My Hair Hurt? The Strange Phenomenon Explained By An Expert

Almost like a sore muscle after a long workout?

Alexandra Engler
December 6 2019

Why Am I Shedding So Much Hair? These 4 Reasons Might Explain It

We shed about 50 to 100 hairs on average each day. If you're shedding more, or if your hair has stopped growing in places altogether, keep reading.

Krista Soriano
December 5 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Clean Hair + Body

Care for your body from the inside, out -- and with these, the outside, in

November 13 2019

Scientists Find A Link Between The Lymphatic System & Hair Regrowth

Just another area that the lymphatic system has a role to play in.

Alexandra Engler
November 4 2019

How Healthy Are Your Hair Follicles? Scientists Develop New Technique To Measure Hair Loss

It may be as easy as slipping on a helmet for a few minutes at your next checkup.

Jamie Schneider
October 31 2019