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Hair Toner: Can You Do It Naturally? 10 At-Home, DIY Tricks To Try

Here's what you should know about natural hair toner before you use it and some ingredients you never knew you could use—some that you might have...

Alexa Erickson
March 24

Exclusive: Clean At Sephora Goes Big & Bold With Clean Makeup

For so long, skin care was the core of clean beauty. Clean at Sephora is now proving that the case for clean makeup should be just as strong.

Alexandra Engler
March 12

The 7 Best Supplements To Take If You Have Dry, Damaged Hair

Shiny, hydrated hair can be difficult to achieve with just a good conditioner alone.

Korin Miller
March 3

Dry & Damaged Hair? Give These 8 At-Home, All-Natural Remedies A Try

Here's your all-inclusive guide to reversing dry, damaged hair with easy-to-do natural remedies you can do at home. 

Andrea Jordan
February 27

8 Ways To Use Hemp Oil & Hemp Seed Oil For Better Sleep, Softer Skin & More*

CBD might be the wellness industry's "it" product of the moment, but hemp oil isn't far behind.

Julia Guerra
February 26

The 11 Best All-Natural Leave-in Conditioners For Hydrated Hair

Yes, leave-in treatments are do-it-all products of the highest order. Here, our 11 favorite natural and clean options.

Alexandra Engler
February 23

This DIY Dry Shampoo Won't Clog Your Pores Or Hurt Your Scalp

Dry shampoo might have negative effects on your scalp, from clogged pores and hairline breakouts to thinning hair. Here's a DIY one that won't.

Andrea Jordan
February 22

Try An Aloe Vera DIY Leave-In Conditioner + Mask For Hydrated Hair

We likely don't need to sell you on the powers of aloe vera. The plant's healing and soothing powers are near legendary at this point.

Andrea Jordan
February 15

This "Queer Eye" Star Launched A Grooming Line & We Love The Reason Why

The call to action isn't just for cleaner formulas—it's for supporting self-esteem.

Jamie Schneider
February 6

So, Stress Really Can Turn Your Hair Gray & Scientists Now Understand Why

Harvard scientists set out to confirm whether stress can really wipe the color from your hair and found that it can—here's how.

Eliza Sullivan
January 22

Want Shiny Hair? Here Are The 10 Best ACV-Infused Hair Products

The hair and skin care hero ingredient of late has to go to apple cider vinegar.

Alexandra Engler
January 20

The Science Of Why You Are (Or Aren't) Attracted To Men With Beards

The study found that, overall, the female participants found men with beards more attractive.

Eliza Sullivan
January 15

Should You Be Rinsing Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar? (Probably!)

So, how do you actually use it at home? We investigated.

Alexandra Engler
December 28 2019