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New Study Identifies Link Between Gut Health & Parkinson's Disease

Did you know that Parkinson's disease is currently the fastest growing neurological condition in the world?

Christina Coughlin
January 15

3 Ayurvedic Techniques Your Well-Being Routine Might Be Missing

Kriyas are yogic cleansing techniques, and many are still practiced around the world today.

Sarah Regan
December 28 2019

A Doctor's 4 Tips For Taking Control Of Your Health In The New Year

Integrative physician Bindiya Gandhi's advice for taking control of your health.

Christina Coughlin
December 27 2019

Want To Heal Your Gut? New Study Says Some Fresh Air Might Help

A new study has revealed none other than Mother Nature as a friend to the microbiome.

Sarah Regan
December 25 2019

Study Finds New Key To Longevity — And It's In The Gut

Everyone is looking for the best way to age gracefully, but the latest key to longevity is more than just a face cream.

Christina Coughlin
December 24 2019