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Yet Another MD Says This Antioxidant-Rich Drink Will Supercharge Your Health

When it comes to healthy beverages, the sip truly withstands the test of time.

Jamie Schneider
May 20 2021

Hair Toner: Can You Do It Naturally? 10 At-Home, DIY Tricks To Try

Here's what you should know about natural hair toner before you use it and some ingredients you never knew you could use—some that you might have...

Alexa Erickson
March 24 2020

These Cold-Brew Tea Infusions Will Help You Beat The Heat

Here's how to make a delicious cold-brew tea.

Mimi Kirk
July 16 2019

Get More Benefits From Your Cup Of Tea By Using This, Study Finds

Yes, The Type Of Water You Use To Brew Your Tea Matters, Study Says

Elizabeth Gerson
January 19 2019

How Green Tea Extract Can Help You Control Your Appetite & Reach Your Happy Weight

Moral of the story: It works, but you need to pair it with other holistic changes too.

Joni Sweet
September 30 2018