It's National Thrift Store Day, and that means vintage jeans for everyone.

"But I think this—the return to the past—is the way of the future…

This summer has been an eye-opener, with three big fashion recalls.

Together, we can inspire a more sustainable fashion industry. Let's do this.

We'll take one of each, please.

These eco-entrepreneurs are reimagining the products we use every day—and shaping the future of wellness and personal care in the process.

Say hello to your 10-years-from-now uniform.

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Athleisure you can feel great about.

It doesn't get much more American than denim, so we're ringing in this Fourth of July with some jean options that you can feel good…

Prepare for some serious closet envy.

For all your warm-weather shopping needs.

When you come to realize that every product has its own story, shopping becomes much more meaningful than just empty purchases of some flattering shirt…

Happy Fashion Revolution week! It's time to start asking questions about where your clothes come from.