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Early Detection Of Autism May Be Possible With An Eye Scan, Study Finds

This noninvasive detection tool can lead to earlier interventions.

Abby Moore
21 hours ago

How Doctors Can Care For Patients With ADHD Beyond Adolescence

These risks become less monitored as children transition to adulthood.

Abby Moore
February 13

Want To Reduce Inflammation? New Research Points To Optimism

Stroke survivors who had lower levels of inflammation had this trait in common.

Sarah Regan
February 13

Can't Focus? Researchers Find What Distracts Us Most & We're All Ears

Looks like it might be time to buy those noise-canceling headphones, after all!

Christina Coughlin
February 11

New Study Shows The Impact Of Alcoholism On The Brain, Even If You Don't Drink

Even those who can manage their drinking or avoid alcohol altogether can still be affected by their family's history of drinking.

Abby Moore
February 11

Learning Something New? Research Says Trying This Might Help

To learn better, train yourself to find the novelty in tasks.

Eliza Sullivan
February 6

Study Finds An Exercise Prescription To Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease

Incorporating aerobic exercise into your lifestyle can protect against Alzheimer's.

Abby Moore
February 4